Soul, Adorn Yourself with Gladness - (Choral Score)

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Michael Burkhardt
Season: Advent
Instrumentation: Bass C Instrument Cello Keyboard Unison
Difficulty: Medium Difficulty
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Scored for Bass, C Instrument, Cello, Unison Choir

Traditional communion text and tune SCHMÜCKE DICH. Incorporates melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic materials from "Sinfonia" to "Christmas Oratorio, Part 2" by J.S. Bach. Sets spirit of text dancing in lilting compound meter. Suitable for distribution of communion, anthem during Advent/Epiphany, or in alternation with congregation when hymn is sung.

Voicing: Unison Treble Voices or Unison Voices or Two-Part Equal Voices or Two-Part or Three-Part Treble Voices
Instruments: Keyboard, Two C Instruments or B-flat Instruments, opt. Cello/Bass Instrument
Topics: Communion