Possible Error - Saviour, Listen to Our Prayer

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I'm confused by the attribution of Saviour, Listen to Our Prayer to James H. Kellogg. The page at http://www.hymnary.org/hymn/H4SS1898/page/12 indicates Edward W. Kellogg wrote both the words & music. I don't find James H. Kellogg's name on any of the scanned images for this hymn. Am I missing something?


The attribution of this hymn to James H. Kellogg was made in the Dictionary of North American Hymnology. Edward W. Kellogg clearly wrote the music; it is not clear whether he also wrote the words. It may be attributed to James H. Kellogg in "Glad Tidings" published by T. Newton Kurtz in 1867, or "The Book of Worship" published by Clark & Maynard in 1867.