ADESTE FIDELES doesn't sound much like FOUNDATION

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When I go the "How firm a foundation"'s text authority page, it says the tune is ADESTE FIDELES. But then it offers a MIDI and a recording... FOUNDATION. This doesn't confuse me at all, being a hymn nut and all, but for ordinary lay church musicians using this site, it may spell disaster. I don't know if there's a way to fix it permanently (I'd like to think so), preferably by either not giving a Tune name atop the text authority, or by giving FOUNDATION as the tune there even though statistically, historically, ADESTE FIDELES is still in the lead. 


The tune on the text page is the most used tune; but the audio files are selected from the audio resources available for this text. I am guessing that we want to have the tune match for the MIDI and the Recording (MP3) if there are MIDI files available. We currently do not have a recording of ADESTE FIDELES from a hymnal that pairs this text with this tune. 

I can see why things are the way they are, I'm just saying that ordinary church music folks might benefit if the rules were changed so the tune on the text page was the one most frequent since 1979 instead of the most frequent since time immemorial or the destruction of Solomon's Temple or whatever the current standard is. Personally, I love the historic value of the current system, but I'm concerned about naive and undereducated users' misunderstandings.