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In my second post of page scans from an undated Dakota Odowan in my hymnblog, Two odd ones in Dakota Odowan", I ask about 1) the provenance and early copyright status of GOLDEN HILL (MIDI), which is there given with the text "Blest be the tie that binds" as well as at least one Dakota text, and 2) the tune given with the text "There is a fountain filled with blood", which is said to be by Lowell Mason (at least I assume Lowell's what L. means there) but does not appear to be the tune, CLEANSING FOUNTAIN, to which that text is almost always sung today (and which is also often ascribed to, or said to have been arranged by, Mason).

Late breaking news: while typing this up, I found a source for THERE IS A FOUNTAIN. The Cyber Hymnal calls it COWPER and gives it as an alternative tune for "There is a fountain". Still interested in its history and in Mason's treatments of the text and its tunes.