Carrie B. Adams

Carrie B. Adams
Short Name: Carrie B. Adams
Full Name: Adams, Carrie B. (Carrie Belle), 1859-1940
Birth Year: 1859
Death Year: 1940

Adams, Carrie Belle (Wilson). (Oxford, Ohio, July 28, 1859-1940). Father, David Wilson, song writer, teacher of music. Married, 1880 to Allyn G. Adams, moved to Terre Haute, Indiana. Director and organist, First Congregational Church; Central Christian Church. Teacher (1887-1895), Indiana State Normal School. Wrote many anthems and cantatas, secular and religious, many published by Lorenz.

--Keith C. Clark, DNAH Archives


Mrs. Carrie B. (Wilson) Adams was born in Oxford, Ohio, July 28, 1859. Her father, Mr. David Wilson, was author of a number of songs and books, also a singing teacher of note in his day, and her mother was quite musically inclined.

Her experience with her father in elementary and advanced class work, in children's and harmony classes, her years of musical participation in solo work and in accompanying, in the organization and leadership, not only of choirs, but also of great choral organizations, her close touch with singers of elementary grade, as well as those of great skill and reputation, have given her a breadth of musical thought and practical power of adaptation that constantly enrich her work of composition.

Miss Carrie B. Wilson became Mrs. Allyn G. Adams in 1880, and soon after located in Terre Haute, Ind., where her husband was a leading bass singer and interested in large commercial enterprises. Mrs. Adams soon became a leading figure in the musical life of that enterprising city, and has been actively identified with the Choral Club, Treble Clef Club, Rose Polytechnic Glee Club, First Congregational Church and Central Christian Church choirs, as director, chorister and organist. From 1887 to 1895 she occupied the chair of music in the Indiana State Normal School.

Her first anthem was published in 1876. Among her best known publications are four anthem books — "Anthem Annual, Nos. 1 and 2," and " Royal Anthems, Nos. 1 and 2" ; "Music for Common Schools"; two sacred cantatas, "Redeemer and King " and "Easter Praise" ; an operetta for church and school use, "The National Flower"; a group of Shakespeare songs from "As You Like it," and a large number of anthems,
male choruses, ladies' quartets and miscellaneous pieces in octavo form.

Texts by Carrie B. Adams (78)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A robin built a nest in the ivy vineCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
All little children should laugh and be gladC. B. A. (Author)English2
Beautiful springtime has come againC. B. A. (Author)English2
Bring we now our offering todayC. B. A. (Author)English2
Days and months and years go byCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
Do you hear the bells? and their ringing tellsC. B. A. (Author)English2
Do you know who's had a birthdayC. B. A. (Author)English2
Following Jesus our Captain we are marching alongCarrie B. Adams (Author)2
God wants all His children to shine every dayCarrie B. Adams (Author)English3
God's love is ever over usCarrie B. Adams (Author)2
Happy looks are the hooksC. B. A. (Author)English2
Have you ever thought how much the LordCarrie B. Adams (Author)3
Heavenly Father, hear Thy childrenC. B. A. (Author)English6
How many candles will the little girl take?C. B. A. (Author)English2
How many the blessings around usCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
I like the autumn season the bestC. B. A. (Author)English2
I want to hold mother's hand by dayCarrie B. Adams (Author)English1
I was once a little babyCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
If I had been George WashingtonC. B. A. (Author)English2
If I plant a seed in the gardenCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
If I try to do the rightCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
If I were a little childCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
If I were a penny, I'd shine so brightCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
If Jesus came to us todayC. B. A. (Author)English3
If you'd show the Savior's love from day to dayCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
If your heart is full of love from the God aboveMrs. C. B. A. (Author)English2
Jesus, hear me while I prayC. B. A. (Author)English2
Jesus, the Savior, was crucifiedC. B. A. (Author)English3
Jesus, the Shepherd of all the sheepCarrie B. Adams (Author)English3
Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Joy, joy todayCarrie B. Adams (Alterer)English2
Lessons over, now we goC. B. A. (Author)English2
Little baby in the mangerCarrie B. Adams (Author)English9
Little raindrops falling downC. B. A. (Author)English1
Loyalty lives in the heart of a friendCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
Marching, marching, marching all togetherCarrie B. Adams (Author)English3
Marching, marching, while we singCarrie B. Adams (Author)English3
Music softly falling on the star-litCarrie B. Adams (Author)2
O Jesus let me walk with theeCarrie B. Adams (Author)2
O loving Savior, caring so tenderlyC. B. A. (Author)English4
O, Summer, glad Summer is with us again!C. B. A. (Author)English2
Our loving Lord was crucifiedCarrie B. Adams (Author)2
Our tender, loving Father, we come to TheeCarrie B. Adams (Author)English3
Over the world is the sunshine brightC. B. A. (Author)English2
Pray, little daisy, what are you sayingCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
Said a pumpkin to himself as he layC. B. A. (Author)English2
Savior, this our pledge to TheeC. B. A. (Author)English2
Send out thy light, let it shine far and nearMrs. C. B. A. (Author)2
Shining afar, in all corners of earthCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
Sleep, little baby in your cradle sweetC. B. A. (Author)English2
Soldiers are we, as we march along togetherCarrie B. Adams (Author)2
Soldiers on the battlefield of lifeC. B. A. (Author)2
Spring's on the way, I knowCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
The leaves all red and yellowC. B. A. (Author)English2
The little children of JapanCarrie B. Adams (Author)English3
The violets and lilies are blooming, bloomingC. B. A. (Author)English2
The world is a place of beauty and graceC. B. A. (Author)3
There's a wonderful Friend in the city aboveCarrie B. Adams (Author)2
There's something that's floating upon the airC. B. A. (Author)English2
This is a fence around the yardCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
Touch not, taste notCarrie B. Adams (Author)English3
Walking by Galilee long agoCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
We are growing day and nightCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
We are little candles brightC. B. A. (Author)English2
We'll march along with happy songCarrie B. Adams (Author)English3
We rally round our Savior's banner floating freeC. B. A. (Author)3
We sing of a Savior above usCarrie B. Adams (Author)2
We welcome you today, we welcome you todayC. B. A. (Author)English2
We welcome you, we welcome youC. B. A. (Author)English1
We wish you joy and happinessCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
Welcome! Happy New Year!Carrie B. Adams (Author)English2
We're a happy band, and we'll firmly standCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
We're cadets that want to battle for the right, you seeC. B. A. (Author)English25
We're happy to greet you this morningCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
We're soldiers in the army of the Lord, our kingC. B. A. (Author)English3
We've one little tongue, and one little voiceCarrie B. Adams (Author)English2
When bowed down with burdens and lost in the nightCarrie B. Adams (Author)English3
While shepherds tended their flocks by nightC. B. A. (Author)English2
Winter's come! Winter's come!C. B. A. (Author)English2

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