Mary M. Adams

Mary M. Adams
Short Name: Mary M. Adams
Full Name: Adams, Mary M. (Mary Mathews), 1840-1902
Birth Year: 1840
Death Year: 1902

Mary Jane Matthews, married C. M. Smith; married A. S. Barnes, 1883; married Charles Kendall Adams, 1890.

She has written verses in the leisure of her happy life. First her hymns sang themselves from her heart and then her poems caroled their way from her soul. Few of her classmates in Packer Institute, where she was for the most part educated, knew that the popular Mary Mathews was not American born and a Brooklyn girl. Her birthplace was Ireland and her ancestry Irish. She is the author of thirty or more known hymns, many of them incorporated in song books of a score of more songs and ballads, several of which have been set to music, and are familiar favorites, and of many lyrics and sonnets.

Excerpts from The Magazine of Poetry and Literary Review, Volume 2

Texts by Mary M. Adams (7)sort descendingAsInstances
Hearken to the music of our happy bandMary Matthews-Barnes (Author)8
Here the battle and the conflictMrs. Mary M. Barnes (Author)2
List, the music pealing, Hear our song of mightM. M. Barnes (Author)5
O thou to whom we prayMary Matthews-Barnes (Author)4
There is a star illumes my nightM. Matthews-Smith (Author)2
There's a star illumes my nightMary Matthews-Barnes (Author)2
Worthy, thy gospel, LordMary Matthews-Barnes (Author)3

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