Julian Alford

Short Name: Julian Alford
Full Name: Alford, Julian, 1880-
Birth Year: 1880
Death Year (est.): 1980
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Texts by Julian Alford (12)sort descendingAsInstances
All, all for Thee, Lord, I offer each dayJulian Alford (Author)2
All up the way the host is tramping, trampingJulian Alford (Author)5
As the days of life are fleetingJulian Alford (Author)2
Filled with his grace, led by his loveJulian Alford (Author)3
I shall fall asleep some day, and from earthJulian Alford (Author)3
Just as Thou leadest me, SaviorJulian Alford (Author)2
Praise the Lord, O praise his holy nameJulian Alford (Author)2
Something for thee, Lord, I would gladly bringJulian Alford (Author)3
The world needs today a friend by the wayJulian Alford (Author)3
There's a stream that flows eternalJulian Alford (Author)2
When the clouds are hanging low, shine, shineJulian Alford (Author)12
Who knows where birds that sing todayJulian Alford (Author)2
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