N. W. Allphin

N. W. Allphin
Short Name: N. W. Allphin
Full Name: Allphin, N. W.
Birth Year: 1876
Death Year: 1972

Newton Washington Allphin wrote religious music, piano solos, and band marches. He was a member of the Church of Christ.

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A line is drawn today between the church and theNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
A pilgrim of earth, a stranger am INewton W. Allphin (Author)2
All glory and honor to Jesus foreverNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
All glory and honor to Jesus, my kingNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
All is well, my Savior leads meNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
All praise be to Jesus, the King of all kingsNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Amid the cares of lifeNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
As we tread this vale belowNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
As you journey onward through this vale belowNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
As you travel day by dayN. W. Allphin (Author)1
As you travel through this landNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Bear the tidings of salvationNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
Behold the harvest, now whiteNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
Behold what wondrous love is this (Allphin)Newton W. Allphin (Author)3
Blessed Savior, now, we prayNewton W. Allphin (Author)4
Brother, the Lord bids youNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Brother, what of the seed you are sowingNewton W. Allphin (Author)9
Call of death's solemn soundNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Can we count on you in the Master's workNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
Come ye now, saith GodNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
Do the cares of life surround you on your way belowNewton Washington Allphin (Author)1
For us the Savior's life was givenNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Go ye, said the Savior, into all the worldNewton W. Allphin (Author)6
Hark, the Master calls for reapers O who will go todayNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Have you grown weary on life's ruggedNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
Hear the clarion call ringingNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
I am on my pilgrim journeyNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
I am thinking of that countryNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
I am walking by my Savior's sideNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
I do not ask to see the wayNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
I have a sure foundationNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
I hear a voice from realms aboveNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
I love the Lord, for he's my Friend (Conner)N. W. Alphin (Author (st. 2 & 3))1
I want to sing of the sovereign graceNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
I would follow my Savior and KingNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
If our blessed Lord is leadingNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
If you're free from condemnationNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
I'll go onward rejoicingNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
I'll never forget the happy dayNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
I'm dwelling with Jesus, my Savior and KingNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
In battle royal, like soldiers loyalNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
In the light of the gospelNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
I've a Friend whose name is JesusNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
I've found a Friend, a precious Friend (Allphin)N. W. Allphin (Author)2
Jesus forsook his heavenly gloryNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Jesus, Shepherd, tender, kindNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Let us go work in the harvest todayNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Let us now with songs of gladnessNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Let us scatter sunshine all along life's way (Allphin)Newton W. Allphin (Author)2
Lo the fields now are ripe for harvestNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Look on the hill the valley and plainNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
My once sinful heart was deludedNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
My Savior dear, my guide and stayNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
My Savior is callingNewton W. Allphin (Author)4
My Savior leads me onNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
No thought of sadness we'll ever knowNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Now the day is fast decliningNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
O sing to me the sweet, sweet storyNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
O sleeper, awake, make no delayNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
Of the great salvation, Free to every nationNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
Once I was traveling the downward roadNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Only in Jesus, the Father's own SonNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Our guide book is the Word of GodNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Our Savior has said that he'll never forsakeNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Over death's silent riverNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Reapers, rise, lift your eyesNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Scatter the seed of faithNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Send the blessed gospel storyNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
Since I my Savior's call obeyedNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Somebody knows all your grief and woeNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Somebody's frail barque was drifting awayNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
Sometime I shall be calledNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Strive to scatter sunshineNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Tell me of the Savior who on Calvary diedNewton W. Allphin (Author)4
The call now comes for reapersNewton W. Allphin (Author)5
The Lord is my refuge, in him I'll confideNewton W. Allphin (Author)4
The Lord is my refuge, my hope and my allNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
The Master is calling for reapers today (Allphin)Newton W. Allphin (Author)2
The multitudes once cameNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
The old, old story, the story of the crossNewton W. Allphin (Author)6
The Savior is calling dear dear sinner todayNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
There are many who are strangersNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
There is a bright and beautiful mansionNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
There is a home of rest, waiting for allNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
There is a place withinNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
There is work for earnest toilersNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
There's a home of pure delightNewton W. Allphin (Author)6
There's a light that shines on our pathway hereNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
There's a wonderful hope that is sureNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
There's a wondrous theme ringingNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Though in life I'm sorely burdened with careNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Though my life hath many sorrowsNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Though trials oft we here must bearNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
Through this dreary lifeNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
'Tis my Lord who knows all my griefs and woesNewton W. Allphin (Author)8
'Tis unto thee, my Lord, will INewton W. Allphin (Author)2
To a land of restNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
'Twas in his death, that Christ, the LordNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
'Twas Jesus, our Savior, who suffered and diedNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
Unto Jesus firmly I here will clingNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
We are going hand in handAllphin (Author)2
We are marching onward, to that promised homeNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
We are now upon our wayNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
We are sailing on life's ocean (Allphin)Newton W. Allphin (Author)2
We are soldiers true and loyalNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
We come tonight to sing in joyful laysNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Weary soul, bowed down in sorrowNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
We're a faithful pilgrim bandNewton W. Allphin (Author)30
We're a happy pilgrim band (Allphin)Newton W. Allphin (Author)3
We're a pilgrim bandNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
What wonderful love had my SaviorNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
When I, from this life, with its sorrowNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
When my work of life is doneN. W. Allphin (Author)4
When my work on earth is done (Allphin)N. W. Allphin (Author)2
When our earthly course is runNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
When this life is ended and ourNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
When you are called to the greatNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
When your way seems dark and drearyNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
Who will be for JesusNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
With Christ, my Lord, I'm daily walkingNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
With joy o'erflowingNewton W. Allphin (Author)2
With my Savior I'm abidingNewton W. Allphin (Author)5
Within my heart there is a joyful songNewton W. Allphin (Author)4
Workers are we happy and freeNewton W. Allphin (Author)3
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