Henry Bacon

Short Name: Henry Bacon
Full Name: Bacon, Henry, 1813-1856
Birth Year: 1813
Death Year: 1856
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Texts by Henry Bacon (29)sort descendingAsInstances
All fruit is in the blossomH. Bacon (Author)2
By mountain stream, and where the brookH. Bacon (Author)2
Children all, arise at callH. Bacon (Author)2
Flowers from the garden bringH. Bacon (Author)2
Framer of worlds, and God of mindH. Bacon (Author)2
From the deep and flowing riverH. Bacon (Author)2
Gracious Father, by thy favorHenry Bacon (Author)4
Hark to the church bells ringingHenry Bacon (Author)3
How hallowed is the blissH. Bacon (Author)2
How sweetly the birds in the summerH. Bacon (Author)2
Jesus, we hear thy gentle voiceHenry Bacon (Author)1
Not for the prophet tongue of fireHenry Bacon (Author)7
Now our festive joys are endingH. Bacon (Author)3
O how dearly how dearly the Bible I loveH. Bacon (Author)2
O teachers, 'tis a fearful worldH. Bacon (Author)2
O when the bell is ringingH. Bacon (Author)2
One dear schoolmate now has vanishedH. Bacon (Author)2
Ring out the song of praiseH. Bacon (Author)2
Rising from the ocean's bedH. Bacon (Author)2
The song that thrills Shall, o'er the hills, ResoundH. Bacon (Author)2
Thou Friend of chilhood, dearH. Bacon (Author)2
Thou gavest, and we yield to theeHenry Bacon (Author)4
Through every path where natureH. Bacon (Author)1
'Tis sweet, on this bright summerH. Bacon (Author)2
Uphold me, Father, I am weak H. Bacon (Author)2
Where'er my gospel is proclaimedHenry Bacon (Author)3
Who are these in bright array, Mid the happy festal throng?H. Bacon (Author)2
With milder glow, the moonH. Bacon (Author)2
With the dew upon her wingH. Bacon (Author)2

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