Paul Baloche

Short Name: Paul Baloche
Full Name: Baloche, Paul
Birth Year: 1962 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Paul Baloche (21)sort iconAsInstances
Sobre todo, poder y reyPaul Baloche, b. 1962 (Author)4
You took, You take, our sins away O GodPaul Baloche, b. 1962 (Author)2
Llevaste tomaste, mi pecado, oh SeƱorPaul Baloche, b. 1962 (Author)2
La alabanza elevamos a tiPaul Baloche, b. 1962 (Author)2
Above all powersPaul Baloche (Author)4
As morning dawns and evening fadesPaul Baloche (Author)5
[Ask, Seek, Knock (Baloche)]Paul Baloche (Author)2
[I Have Kept the Faith]Paul Baloche (Author)2
Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be gladPaul Baloche (Author)2
[No Eye Has Seen] (Baloche and Kerr)Paul Baloche (Author)2
Open the eyes of my heart, LordPaul Baloche (Author)12
[Our Father in Heaven] (Baloche and Kerr)Paul Baloche (Author)2
Praise is rising, eyes are turning to You Paul Baloche (Author)6
[Right Where We Are]Paul Baloche (Author)2
[Song of Jabez]Paul Baloche (Author)2
[Stronghold]Paul Baloche (Author)2
The sun cannot compare to the glory of Your lovePaul Baloche (Author)2
There's a war going on just across the streetPaul Baloche (Author)2
[We Are One Body (Baloche and Kerr)]Paul Baloche (Author)2
[We Humble Ourselves]Paul Baloche (Author)2
You lived. You died. You said in three days You would risePaul Baloche (Author)2

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