F. D. Barnes

Short Name: F. D. Barnes
Full Name: Barnes, F. D. (Franklin D.), 1837-1916
Birth Year: 1837
Death Year: 1916

Barnes, Franklin D. (Barre, Vermont, 1837--June 5, 1916, Worcester, Massachusetts). When 12, his family moved to Colbrook, Mass. There, in addition to a public school education, he became proficient on the violin. In 1858, he settled in Worcester, Mass. After visiting several different churches, he was baptized in a stream at Lincoln Square in January, 1859, through the ice, after which he walked a half mile with the minister before they could change out of their wet clothing.

For more than forty years, he served the Advent Christian Church in Worcester as deacon and song-leader. He was superintendent of their Sunday School from 1875 to 1900. In addition to his musical talent, he was also a successful artist. He composed 70 or more hymns.

--Leonard Ellinwood, DNAH Archives.

Also available in the DNAH Archives: Blanchard, I.M. (1912, May 29). Honoring a Veteran. The World's Crisis.

Texts by F. D. Barnes (16)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All hail, our glorious coming KingF. D. Barnes (Author)English2
Come back to Jesus, O thou who once loved himF. D. Barnes (Author)2
Come unto me, O sinner, heavy ladenF. D. B. (Author)3
Forward be our watchword, Onward in his nameF. D. Barnes (Author)4
Jesus is the only Savior, Saving man from Adam's fallFranklin D. Barnes (Author)English2
My country! 'Tis of thee, Land of the pure and freeF. D. Barnes (Author)English2
On the Rock of ages foundedF. D. B. (Author)English4
Straight is the gate and narrow the way That leads unto life eternalF. D. B. (Author)English3
Suffer the children to come unto me, I hear the Redeemer sayF. D. Barnes (Author)English2
The Bible our guide, far more precious than goldFranklin D. Barnes (Author)English7
The Master is calling, O come, let us goF. D. Barnes (Author)2
The morning breaks, the saints come forthFranklin D. Barnes (Author)2
There's a land of pure delight, will you goF. D. Barnes (Author)3
Welcome the Sabbath dayF. D. Barnes (Author)2
Wonderful Savior, in Him I am trustingF. D. B. (Author)English4
Wonderful words of life from the SaviorF. D. B. (Author)3
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