J. O. Barrett

J. O. Barrett
Wisconsin Historical Society
Short Name: J. O. Barrett
Full Name: Barrett, J. O. (Joseph Osgood), 1823-1898
Birth Year: 1823
Death Year: 1898

Joseph Osgood Barrett was born April 13, 1823 in Canaan, Maine. He had training in batany and forestry but he also was interested in mesmerism and inducing a trance. He experienced visions, and as a result he trained for the ministry. He served as a minister in the Universalist Church, but he also continued to practice spiritualism and was a medium for spirits. The Illinois Convention of Universalists dropped him from fellowship in 1869. He moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin around 1860. He published a newspaper in Eau Claire during the Civil War. He was not able to serve as a soldier in the war due to deafness, but he was appointed chaplain of the 8th Wisconsin regiment. He also wrote books including a book about "Old Abe" the war eagle of the 8th Wisconsin Regiment, and a biography of J. M. Peebles. He also edited a couple hymnals of Spiritualist hymns. He moved to Minnesota in 1881 and was secretary of the Minnesota State Forestry Association. He died February 8, 1898 in Browns Valley, Minnesota.

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