F.-H. Barthélémon

F.-H. Barthélémon
Short Name: F.-H. Barthélémon
Full Name: Barthélemon, F.-H. (François-Hippolyte), 1741-1808
Birth Year: 1741
Death Year: 1808

French violinist, composer, teacher, he became active in England, playing in an Italian comedy orchestra and led a band. He wrote opera, ballet, theatre music and ballads, popular songs, masques, concertos and 6 symphonies.

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François Hippolyte Barthélemon (27 July 1741 – 20 July 1808) was a French violinist, pedagogue, and composer active in England.

Tunes by F.-H. Barthélémon (3)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
AUTUMN (Barthélemon)François H. Barthélémon (Attributed)9312321 65312 32352
BALERMA (Barthélemon)François H. Barthélémon (Composer)4913216 56113 23532
MORNING HYMN (Barthélemon)François H. Barthélémon (Composer)16412333 43222 5454

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