Thomas Benton

Short Name: Thomas Benton
Full Name: Benton, Thomas does not have biographical information about this person.

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As through life you travel onThomas Benton (Author)2
Away, away, to war, O soldier trueThomas Benton (Author)2
Boldly marching along, ye Christian menThomas Benton (Author)2
Christ, our loving Savior, died to saveThomas Benton (Author)3
Exalt, exalt the God of our salvationThomas Benton (Author)3
For many years my pathway ledThomas Benton (Author)2
Has the Lord been good to youThomas Benton (Author)3
Here on this earth we're so oftenThomas Benton (Author)2
I am living every dayThomas Benton (Author)2
I am lonely todayThomas Benton (Author)2
I am safely kept by the love of JesusThomas Benton (Author)2
I am thinking today of that heavenly homeThomas Benton (Author)2
I am thinking today of the glory worldThomas Benton (Author)2
I have found a friend, on him I dependThomas Benton (Author)2
I know my Savior cares for meThomas Benton (Author)1
I often think, how Jesus gave his lifeThomas Benton (Author)2
I remember many lessons taught to meThomas Benton (Author)1
I'll keep walking in the King's highwayThomas Benton (Author)4
In fancy I can see that heavenly homeThomas Benton (Author)2
In the lane or the streetThomas Benton (Author)2
In this war torn world belowThomas Benton (Author)2
I've started for the kingdomThomas Benton (Author)2
Jesus calls, O sinner hearThomas Benton (Author)2
Jesus is the Sunshine of my lifeThomas Benton (Author)2
Jesus, our hope eternalThomas Benton (Author)2
Jesus, the Savior, has said, I will go prepareThomas Benton (Author)2
Let Jesus have controlThomas Benton (Author)2
Marching along the glory wayThomas Benton (Author)2
Marching in the wonderful light of gloryThomas Benton (Author)2
Marching with Jesus in the battle for rightThomas Benton (Author)2
O, come to the Savior, your dearest friendThomas Benton (Author)2
O how oft the dark clouds gather and the thundersThomas Benton (Author)3
O how oft the dark clouds gather in my earthlyThomas Benton (Author)2
O I love to sing the dear, sweet old storyThomas Benton (Author)3
O my friend tonight, start in paths of rightThomas Benton (Author)2
O shout, shout the praisesT. B. (Author)2
O sinner, now is the time to startThomas Benton (Author)3
O weary one, look up with joyThomas Benton (Author)2
O'er life's sea we all are sailingThomas Benton (Author)2
O'er the ocean blue we're sailingThomas Benton (Author)3
On life's ocean I am sailing (Benton)Thomas Benton (Author)2
Onward, ye men, the fight beginThomas Benton (Author)4
Our grand and glorious army moves alongThomas Benton (Author)7
Over death's river we shall crossThomas Benton (Author)2
Praise to our Lord and King, our leader grandThomas Benton (Author)2
Reapers, hear the callThomas Benton (Author)2
Sing a song of gladness, it will banish sadnessThomas Benton (Author)2
Singing along the way cheers meThomas Benton (Author)2
Sinner, Jesus is calling, come homeThomas Benton (Author)2
Some day the trump of God shall soundThomas Benton (Author)2
The joys of life will not endureThomas Benton (Author)2
The Lord's my guide and stayThomas Benton (Author)2
The Master calls for workers tried and trueThomas Benton (Author)2
The Savior doth hear me when I prayThomas Benton (Author)2
There is a land, happy land so fairThomas Benton (Author)2
There is a land That God has plannedThomas Benton (Author)2
There is joy beyond compareThomas Benton (Author)2
There is work for us to do, Yes, the Lord has need of youT. B. (Author)2
There's a beautiful city far, far awayThomas Benton (Author)2
There's a city eternal, with beauties supernalThomas Benton (Author)2
There's joy in serving Christ my LordThomas Benton (Author)2
There's one thing that we all knowThomas Benton (Author)2
To the home above, ledThomas Benton (Author)2
We are loyal soldiers, fighting for our KingThomas Benton (Author)2
We are marching to the land of gloryThomas Benton (Author)2
We are traveling homewardThomas Benton (Author)2
We have friends and loved ones who have gone beforeThomas Benton (Author)2
We march along to Canaan's happy landThomas Benton (Author)2
We're a prohibition bandThomas Benton (Author)2
When I shall enter yon heaven so fairThomas Benton (Author)3
When we're feeling sad and wearyThomas Benton (Author)2
While I'm traveling alongThomas Benton (Author)2
With our faithful pilot Jesus, we are sailingThomas Benton (Author)2
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