C. R. Blackall

C. R. Blackall
Short Name: C. R. Blackall
Full Name: Blackall, C. R. (Christopher Rubey), 1830-1924
Birth Year: 1830
Death Year: 1924

Blackall, Christopher Ruby, M.D., born in New York State, 1830, and educated for the medical profession. For 15 years he followed his profession, including service in the army during the civil war. Subsequently he managed, for 14 years, a branch of the Baptist Publication Society, taking at the same time great interest in Sunday School work. He edited the Advanced Bible Lesson Quarterly, for 3 years, and also Our Little Ones.
1. The prize is set before us. Heaven anticipated. This is one of Dr. Blackall's most popular hymns for children. It was written in 1874 for the Sunday School of 2nd Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois, and set to music by H. R. Palmer. It first appeared in Palmer's Songs of Love for the Bible School, 1874, from whence it has passed into numerous collections, including I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos, Lond., 1881.
2. Follow the paths of Jesus. Following Jesus. This is included in the Baptist Hymn [& Tune] Book, Phila., 1871, No. 701.
3. Do the right, never fear. Duty . In W. R. Stevenson's School Hymnal, Lond., 1880, No. 269.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by C. R. Blackall (65)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Again with rejoicing we come todayDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)English2
Anda en pos de CristoChristopher Blackall (Author)Spanish2
Awhile over earth's mountains we're roamingDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)English4
Behold, what manner of love, the Father doth bestowDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)English3
Best of the seven, O holy dayDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)5
Bim, bome! bim, bome! Rings the church bell from the steepleC. R. Blackall (Author)English4
Blessed are the pure in heart, they that stand approved of GodC. R. Blackall (Author)English4
Busy we would be for JesusC. R. Blackall (Author)2
Come, come, join in the singingC. R. Blackall (Author)English3
Come to Jesus, weary, troubled wandererC. R. Blackall (Author)5
Contendamos siempre por nuestra feC. R. Blackall (Author)Spanish2
Do the right, never fearC. R. Blackall (Author)2
Far distant in the ages, Amid the olden timeC. R. Blackall (Author)2
Firmly stand for God, in the world's mad strifeC. R. Blackall (Author)English15
Follow the path of JesusC. R. Blackall (Author)English13
Gathered by the crystal riverC. R. Blackall (Author)4
Give me faith to come to theeC. R. Blackall (Author)2
Glowing bright and pleasant is the holy dayDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)English7
God made the world, and he made meC. R. Blackall (Author)2
Hail, thou glorious nameDr. Blackall (Author)2
Hear me, my SaviorC. R. Blackall (Author)2
Heavenly Father, Lord of all, I would hearC. R. Blackall (Author)2
Hither we come, as a Union bandC. R. Blackall (Author)6
I want to be like Jesus, all gentle, pure, and mildC. R. Blackall (Author)English4
If my heart is the Lord'sChristopher Ruby Blackall (Author)English8
In das Erntefeld ruft der Meister nunC. R. Blackall (Author)German2
In dem Erntefeld ist noch viel zu tunChristopher R. Blackall (Author)German1
In our perfect home aboveC. R. Blackall (Author)3
In the harvest field there is work to doC. R. Blackall (Author)English64
In the highways and hedges go seek (Blackall)C. R. Blackall (Author)7
Jesus is my Shepherd, He will care for meC. R. Blackall (Author)2
Jesus loved the little childrenDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)1
Jesus loves the little children, This we surely knowC. R. Blackall (Author)3
Jesus, teach me truth divineDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)2
Let us help each other, over life's rugged wayC. R. Blackall (Author)English5
Lift up thine eyes weary prisomerDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)3
Little eyes, little eyes Softly close in worship nowDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)English19
Little ones come to him, be not afraidC. R. Blackall (Author)5
Little sunbeams we'll awayC. R. Blackall (Author)6
Lo an ever flowing fountainDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)4
Loudly let the anthem swellDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)2
O Sonntagsschule, teurer mir, als aller Schlösser GoldC. R. Blackall (Author)German1
O Sonntagsschule, teurer mir, wie keines Fürsten HeimC. R. Blackall (Author)German1
O Zion rejoice for thy KingC. R. Blackall (Author)English2
O sing praise unto the LordDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)2
Our joyful notes we gladly raiseC. R. Blackall (Author)3
Paa Guds aakerf'lt d'r staar skoerdenC. R. Blackall (Author)2
Sweet Sabbath school, more [most] dear to meDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)English26
Tell me the stories of Jesus, God's only SonDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)English2
The fields are all white, but the reapers are fewDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)English3
The Lord wants the boysC. R. Blackall (Author)2
The prize is o'er us, From on highC. R. Blackall (Author)2
The prize is set before usC. R. Blackall (Author)English102
The Savior stands invitingDr. C. R. Blackall (Author)2
The shadows are falling, Swift closeth the dayC. R. Blackall (Author)English8
There is some good for each one to doC. R. Blackall (Author)2
Though I walk through the valeC. R. Blackall (Author)2
Watch closely the pathwayC. R. Blackall (Author)2
We are little sunbeams, ShiningC. R. Blackall (Author)5
We are the lambs, and Jesus is our ShepherdC. R. Blackall (Author)5
When I walk in God's clear sunlightC. R. Blackall (Author)English16
Will the Savior hear meC. R. Blackall (Author)2
With joy we seek our Savior's faceC. R. Blackall (Author)2
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to redeem usRev. C. R. Blackall (Arranger)English3
Would you gain the best in lifeC. R. Blackall (Author)English21

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