Carl Gustav Boberg

Carl Gustav Boberg
Carl Boberg
Short Name: Carl Gustav Boberg
Full Name: Boberg, Carl Gustaf, 1859-1940
Birth Year: 1859
Death Year: 1940

Boberg, Carl Gustaf. (Mönsterås, Sweden, August 16, 1859--January 7, 1940, Kalmar). Swedish Covenant. Bible school at Kristinehamn. Editor of Sanningsvittnet 1890-1916, organ of the Evangelical National Foundation. Member of the Swedish Parliament, 1912-1931. Popular speaker and appreciated writer. Published several collections of poetry and a number of hymns. Member of committee responsible for first two hymnals of the Swedish Covenant. Author of "Jesus, Jesus, O det ordet" ("Jesus, Jesus, Name Most Precious"); "Min själ berömmer Gud med fröjd" (My Soul Now Magnifies the Lord"); "O store Gud" ("O Mighty God"). The text now known as "How Great Thou Art" is an English translation of a Russian version based on an earlier German translation of "O store Gud."

--J. Irving Erickson, DNAH Archives

Texts by Carl Gustav Boberg (19)sort descendingAsInstances
Al Di' sin levas mia kant', mi ĝoje laŭdas LinCarl Gustaf Boberg, 1859-1940 (Author)3
Du großer Gott, wenn ich die Welt betrachteCarl Boberg, 1859-1940 (Author)2
E ke Akua nani kamahaoCarl Boberg, 1859-1940 (Author)2
Ho granda Dio, kiam mi rigardasCarl Boberg, 1859-1940 (Author)2
Jesus, Jesus, name most preciousCarl Boberg, 1859-1940 (Author)2
O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonderCarl Gustav Boberg (Author)37
Lyft den högt, den vita fananCarl Boberg (Author)3
Min själ berömmer Gud med fröjdCarl Gustaf Boberg (Author)2
My soul now magnifies the Lord, With joy his praise I singCarl Gustav Boberg (Author)3
O mighty God, it is with awe and wonderCarl Boberg (Author)2
O mighty God, when I behold the wonderCarl Boberg (Author)6
O mighty God, when I behold the wonderCarl Boberg (Author)2
O mighty God, when I survey in wonderCarl Boberg (Author)2
O store Gud, när jag den värld beskådarCarl Boberg (Author)3
O wondrous God, when I thy world considerCarl Boberg (Author)2
Senhor, meu Deus, quando eu, maravilhadoCarl Boberg (Author)2
Señor, mi Dios, al contemplar los cielosCarl Boberg (Author)1
When I, O Lord, behold the vast creationsCarl Boberg (Author)1
When I, O Lord, behold thy vast creationCarl Boberg (Author)7

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