Carey Bonner

Carey Bonner
Short Name: Carey Bonner
Full Name: Bonner, Carey, 1859-1938
Birth Year: 1859
Death Year: 1938

Pseudonyms: E. Rawdon Bailey, A. Bryce, Nora C. E. Byrne, R. Y. Harding, Ernest B. Leslie, Frank Ernest Newton, Edwyn Vincent, Hermann von Müller


Bonner, Carey, was born in Southwark, Surrey, May 1, 1859. He entered the Baptist ministry after studying at Rawdon College, and held pastorates at Sale, Manchester (1884-95) and Portland, Southampton (1895-1900). Since Sept. 1900 he has been Secretary of the Sunday School Union. He edited words and music of the Garland of New Sunday School Music (issued in parts, 1881 and 1882; complete edition 1886), and the S. S. Hymnary, 1905; and the music of the Christian Endeavour Hymnal, 1896, and the Junior Hymnal, 1906. The longer hymns contributed by him to these works include:—
1. Father, hear Thy children's voices. [S. S. Anniversary.] Written 1905 for a Sunday School Festival at Toledo, Ohio, 1905, as above, No. 362.
2. Gently a voice is pleading. [Come to Jesus.] Written 1902, first published in his Hymns for the Mission, 1902, No. 41; 1905, No. 225.
3. God of little children. [Reverence.] 1882, as above; edition 1886, No. 39. Also in School Hymns, 1891, and Junior Hymnal, 1906.
4. In hope, and love, and steadfast faith. [For Conventions.] Written 1896; first published 1896, as above, No. 369.
5. Now when from one another parting. [Parting Hymn.] Written 1896; 1896, as above, No. 383.
6. We join our hearts and voices. [The Children’s Friend,] 1882, as above; edition 1886, No. 25. Also in School Hymns, 1891, No. 388. See also under "Alleluia dulce carmen," p. 1602, i. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)


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Carey Bonner, Rev (1 May 1859 – 16 June 1938) was a Baptist minister who served as the General Secretary of the National Sunday School Union from 1900 until 1929 and as Joint Secretary of the World Sunday School Association.

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