Chris Bowater

Short Name: Chris Bowater
Full Name: Bowater, Chris
Birth Year: 1947 does not have biographical information about this person.

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All-consuming, all-embracingChris Bowater (Author)2
Confidence, we have confidenceChris Bowater (Author)2
Faithful God, faithful GodChristopher Alan Bowater, b. 1947 (Author)3
Fill the place, Lord, with your gloryChris Bowater (Author)2
God of grace, I turn my faceChris Bowater (Author)2
He who dwells, He who dwells in the shelter of the Most HighChrist Bowater (Author)2
Here I am, whollyChris A. Bowater, 1947- (Author)3
Move among us with holy fireChris Bowater (Author)3
I am not mine ownChris Bowater (Author)2
I confess that Jesus Christ is LordChris Bowater (Author)2
I delight greatly in the LordChris Bowater (Author)2
Jesus, at your name we bow the kneeChris Bowater (Author)3
Jesus, I worship YouChris Bowater (Author)2
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Your love has melted my heartChris Bowater (Author)2
Jesus shall take the highest honorChris Bowater (Author)6
Lamb of God, Holy OneChris Bowater (Author)2
Reign in me, sovereign Lord, reign in meChris Bowater (Author)2
Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, Rejoice, rejoice, rejoiceChris Bowater (Author)2
See His glory, see His gloryChris Bowater (Author)2
Spirit of God, show me JesusChris Bowater (Author)2
Swing wide the gatesChris Bowater (Author)2
The fields are white unto harvestChris Bowater (Author)2
The Lord has led forth his people with joyChris Bowater (Author)2
The Spirit of the Lord, The sovereign Lord, is on meChris Bowater (Author)2
This is the mystery, that Christ has chosen you and meChris Bowater (Author)2
You are the Lord of heavenChris Bowater (Author)2

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