William Boyce

William Boyce
William Boyce
Short Name: William Boyce
Full Name: Boyce, William, 1711-1779
Birth Year: 1711
Death Year: 1779

William Boyce (baptised 1711 – d. 7 February 1779) was an English composer and organist.

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Tunes by William Boyce (22)sort descendingAsInstances
APPLETONWilliam Boyce, 1710-1779 (Composer)12
[ARISE, SHINE] BOYCEW. Boyce, 1710 - 1779 (Composer)3
[Bless the Lord, O my soul] (Boyce)W. Boyce, 1710 - 1779 (Composer)3
[Chant] (Boyce 12432)W. Boyce, 1710-79 (Composer)3
BOYCEWilliam Boyce (Composer)8
CHAPEL ROYALWilliam Boyce, 1710-1779 (Composer)7
[Give the king thy judgements, O God] (Boyce)W. Boyce, 1710 - 1779 (Composer)3
[Chant] (Crotch 12317)William Boyce, 1711-1779 (Composer)1
JERSEYWilliam Boyce (Composer)2
KINGSLANDWilliam Boyce, 1710-1779 (Composer)5
LINCOLN (Boyce)Dr. Boyce (Composer)2
[Lord, have mercy upon us] (Boyce)W. Boyce (Composer)2
MORNING HYMN (Boyce)William Boyce (Composer)5
[JUBILATE] BOYCEW. Boyce, 1710 - 1779 (Composer)3
[Chant] (Boyce 15433)William Boyce (Composer)30
[Chant] (Tallis 33233)W. Boyce (Composer)1
PORTSEA (Boyce)William Boyce (Composer)2
[Praise ye the Lord] (Boyce)W. Boyce, 1710 - 1779 (Composer)3
HALTON HOLGATEWilliam Boyce (Composer)36
SHERWOODDr. Boyce (Composer)3
WALNEYDr. Boyce (Composer)2
WESTMINSTER (Boyce)Dr. Boyce (Composer)3

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