A. E. R. Brauer

Short Name: A. E. R. Brauer
Full Name: Brauer, A. (Alfred Earnest Richard), 1866-1949
Birth Year: 1866
Death Year: 1949

Alfred Brauer was born on Au­gust 1, 1866, near Ad­e­laide, Aus­tral­ia. He studied law in Australia, but switched to theology, went to America and graduated from Concordia Theological Sem­in­ary in Spring­field, Il­li­nois (1890). He re­turned to Aus­tralia to serve as a pas­tor, and al­so ed­it­ed the Aus­tral­i­an Lu­ther­an, and con­trib­ut­ed trans­la­tions to the 1925 Aus­tral­i­an Lu­ther­an Hymn-Book. He also was the author of Under the South­ern Cross. He died on October 16, 1949.

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