Herbert Brokering

Herbert Brokering
Short Name: Herbert Brokering
Full Name: Brokering, Herbert, 1926-2009
Birth Year: 1926
Death Year: 2009

Dr. Herbert F. (Herb) Brokering was a Lutheran pastor and well-known author, poet, playwright, hymn writer, and popular speaker. He was educated at Wartburg College, the University of Iowa (MA, child psychology), Wartburg Seminary, the Evangelical Lutheran Theological Seminary (now Trinity Lutheran Seminary) in Columbus, Ohio; and also the Universities of Kiel and Erlangen, Germany. For a decade, he served Lutheran pastorates in Cedarhurst, New York; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and San Antonio, Texas and then worked in the parish education department of the American Lutheran Church (1960-70). He wrote over 30 books.

NN, Hymnary

Texts by Herbert Brokering (14)sort descendingAsInstances
Alleluia! Jesus is risenHerbert F. Brokering, b. 1926 (Author)12
Come, little children, to the silent mangerHerbert Brokering (Author)2
Earth and all starsHerbert Brokering (Author)29
God has done marvelous thingsHerbert F. Brokering (Author)2
PrayersHerbert Brokering ()1
Lord of feasting and of hungerHerbert Brokering, 1926- (Author)2
Love, love, love! That's what it's all about!Herbert Brokering (Author)2
Mary had a little Lamb, The baby took a napHerbert Brokering (Author)2
O Lord of love and power, Your wisdom is the crossHerbert Brokering (Author)3
Praise, praise! You are my rockHerbert F Brokering (Author)3
Stay with us, till night has comeHerbert F. Brokering, b. 1926 (Author)6
Take the bread, children, take the breadHerbert Brokering (Author)2
Thine the amen thine the praise alleluias angels riaseHerbert F. Brokering, b. 1926 (Author)6
[You Are Mine (Brokering)]Herbert F Brokering (Author)2

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