Herbert Brokering

Short Name: Herbert Brokering
Full Name: Brokering, Herbert, 1926-2009
Birth Year: 1926
Death Year: 2009

Herbert F. Brokering (b. Beatrice, Nebraska, May 21, 1926; d. Bloomington, Minnesota, November 7, 2009) was a Lutheran pastor with German roots, an author of more than forty books, and a poet and hymn writer known especially for two hymn texts, “Earth and All Stars” and “Alleluia! Christ Is Risen,” both set to the same tune. He was born in Nebraska, the son of a German Lutheran pastor; earned degrees from Wartburg College in Iowa, University of Iowa, and Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, OH, and pursued graduate study in Germany at the University of Kiel and the University of Erlangen. He served as a pastor of three Lutheran congregations, in Pennsylvania, New York, and Texas; taught at the Navy Chaplain’s Career School in Newport, Rhode Island, Luther Seminary and Trinity Seminary, and was also active in the Lutheran World Federation services and the World Council of Churches.

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Texts by Herbert Brokering (16)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Come, little children, to the silent mangerHerbert Brokering (Author)English3
Dear God of holy spirit, your angels fill the airHerbert Brokering (Author)2
Earth and all starsHerbert Frederick Brokering, 1926- (Author)English32
God has done marvelous thingsHerbert F. Brokering (Author)2
Alleluia! Jesus is risenHerbert F. Brokering, 1926-2009 (Author)English15
PrayersHerbert Brokering ()English1
Lord of feasting and of hungerHerbert Brokering, 1926- (Author)2
Love, love, love! That's what it's all about!Herbert Brokering (Author)English2
Mary had a little Lamb, The baby took a napHerbert Brokering (Author)English2
O Lord of love and power, Your wisdom is the crossHerbert Brokering (Author)3
Praise, praise! You are my rockHerbert Brokering (Author)English3
Stay with us, till night has comeHerbert F. Brokering, b. 1926 (Author)English6
Take the bread, children, take the breadHerbert Brokering (Author)3
Thine the amen thine the praise alleluias angels riaseHerbert Brokering (Author)English6
Tierra y sol, mundos que vuelanHerbert Brokering (Author)Spanish2
[You Are Mine (Brokering)]Herbert Brokering (Author)English2

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