Frances Brook

Short Name: Frances Brook
Full Name: Brook, Frances, 1870-
Birth Year: 1870

Brook, Frances, daughter of the Rev. James Brook, M.A., of Helme Edge, Meltham, Huddersfield, was b. in Bath in 1870. Her interest in missions is deep, and delicate health alone has prevented her from giving her services in the foreign field where two of her sisters are laboring. Her first hymn leaflet was:—
1. There is singing in the Homeland. [Martyrs.] It was written in 1895 "In Memoriam" of the Rev. Robert Stewart and his little band in the Hawa Sang martyrdom of that year. It was printed in the C.M.S. Gleaner, March, 1896, p. 34, and included in the Church Missionary Hymn Book, 1899, No. 163. The original leaflet is entitled "Martyrs of Jesus, Called to be with Christ, at Kucheng, S. China, August 1st, 1895."
2. My goal is God Himself. [God All in All.] Written in April, 1896. "The need of a friend called forth and formulated the unspoken attitude of my soul towards God, 'My goal is God'" (Author's MS.), included in Hymns of Consecration and Faith, revised edition 1902, No. 306.
3. My Home is God Himself; Christ brought me there. [Rest in God.] Written in Sept., 1899. "The helpful testimony of another of God's children, and my own deep need of restfulness in Him led me to the truth as expressed in ' My Home is God'" (Author's MS.). It is the most extensively used of the Author's leaflets.
4. 0 Lord, with Thee 'tis but a little matter. [God the Strength of His Labourers.] In the Church Missionary Hymn Book, 1899, No. 138, having previously appeared in the C.M.S. Gleaner, Oct., 1896, p. 157, as "Council and strength for the War. A Battle Prayer."

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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