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Albert E. Brumley
Albert E. Brumley
Short Name: Albert E. Brumley
Full Name: Brumley, Albert Edward, 1905-1977
Birth Year: 1905
Death Year: 1977

Born: October 29, 1905, near Spiro, Oklahoma. Died: November 15, 1977, Springfield, Missouri. Buried: Fox Cemetery, Powell, Missouri.

Brumley attended the Hartford Musical Institute in Hartford, Arkansas, and sang with the Hartford Quartet. He went on to teach at singing schools in the Ozarks, and lived most of his life in Powell, Missouri. He worked for 34 years a staff writer for the Hartford and Stamps/Baxter publishing companies, then founded the Albert E. Brumley & Sons Music Company and Country Gentlemen Music, and bought the Hartford Music Company. He wrote over 800 Gospel and other songs during his life; the Country Song Writers Hall of Fame inducted him in 1970.

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[All the world is bright and cheery]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
ANCIENT LANDMARKAlbert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[As I journey through this vale of sorrow]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)3
[As I travel through this pilgrim land]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)5
[By the crystal river we shall live forever over in a land where comes no night]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Do you live a life that's true for the One who died for you?]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Dreamin' in the gilmerin' twilight, dreamin' of a flickerin' firelight]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Ever since Jesus saved and pardoned I have been singing ev'ry day]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)3
[Every evening when I count my blessings]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Far beyond this land of sorrow]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Hark, I hear the voice of Jesus]Albert E. Brumley (Arranger)3
[Hello, I'm just a stranger]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Here so often I'm lonely, here so often I'm blue]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Honest and truly, Lord]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[I am so glad I heard my Savior gently pleading]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)3
[I cannot touch the hem of His garment]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[I have left the land of bondage with its earthly treasures]Albert E. brumley (Composer)3
[I have read about the beauties of the South Seas]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[I have started for a city in a land of fadeless day]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[I know there is a land of beautiful flowers]Albert E. brumley (Composer)2
[I oft take a trip to scenes of my childhood]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[I used to be a sinner and my load was hard to bear]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[I wandered again to my home in the mountains]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[I was turning through my mother's dear old Bible]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[I was wandering far from Jesus in the paths of sin and shame]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[I went on a visit]Albert E. brumley (Composer)2
[I will meet you in the morning by the bright river side]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)3
[If I had all the words in our language]Albert E. brumley (Composer)2
[If the Savior came to your house unexpected]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[If working and praying has any reward]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)3
[If you are burdened down with care]Albert E. brumley (Composer)2
[If you will give to me your undivided attention]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
I'LL FLY AWAYAlbert E. Brumley (Composer)19
[I'm traveling on to the new Jerusalem]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[In the new found way, the gospel highway]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[In this world I've tried most ev'rything]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Jesus gave his life a ransom yonder on Calvary]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Listen to the voices sweetly calling]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Lord, how well do I know I'll have little to show]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Lord, I would not ask a special blessing]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Many the time I am torn with disappointment]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[May we all walk closer to Thy side]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
MEET AGAINAlbert E. Brumley (Composer)5
[No place to hide when days are long and dreary]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[On the cross of Calvary our blessed Savior died]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[On the rugged cross of Calvary]Albert E. brumley (Composer)3
[Once I was sighing]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[One day I met an old fashioned mother]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Over on the bright elysian shore]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)3
[Press along, weary pilgrim, thru the struggles and strife]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Somebody ought to go and work for Jesus]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)3
[Thank God! I truly can say that I've been born again]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[There's a heavenly land of peace and joy eternal]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[This world is not my home, I'm just a-passin thru]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)9
[Though a pilgrim, a stranger, a beggar I be]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[We love the Red, White and Blue]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Well, I went down to the big camp meetin']Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Well, who could it be that tenderly holds my trembling hand]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[When my spirits are low and my footsteps are slow]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Wonderful the praise that is coming from heaven, over on the bright eternal shore]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[Won't it be a happy, happy day]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)3
[You are who you are for a reason]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)2
[You better get acquainted with your Lord a little better]Albert E. Brumley (Composer)4

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