L. E. Butrum

Short Name: L. E. Butrum
Full Name: Butrum, L. E.
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Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound)L. E. B. (Arranger)1
As I sit alone and ponderL. E. Butrum (Author)2
As I travel each dayL. E. Butrum (Author)2
As o'er the dark waves here we glideL. E. Butrum (Author)2
As we travel along we willL. E. Butrum (Author)2
As we travel day by day, TrialsL. E. Butrum (Author)3
Christ the Lord above, came to earth through loveL. E. Butrum (Author)3
Gentle the breeze, bathingL. E. Butrum (Author)2
I am going to a city, to a cityL. E. Butrum (Author)2
I can hear the songs still ringing, mother used to sing to meL. E. Butrum (Author)3
Jesus soon will be comingL. E. Butrum (Author)2
Just a sinner was IL. E. Butrum (Author)2
Loved ones wait for me in gloryL. E. Butrum (Author)2
Make somebody happy as you go alongL. E. Butrum (Author)2
Music and flowers, sunshine and showersL. E. Butrum (Author)4
My dear mother sang to meL. E. Butrum (Author)2
O what wonderful gloryL. E. Butrum (Author)2
Once I was lost but now I am foundL. E. Butrum (Author)2
Our life on earth is but a spanL. E. Butrum (Author)2
Ring the bells of love o'er mountainL. E. Butrum (Author)2
Sometimes I feel so downhearted and blueL. E. Butrum (Author)2
That will be a great glad dayL. E. Butrum (Author)4
The Lord is Captain of his armyL. E. Butrum (Author)2
There are many nationsL. E. Butrum (Author)2
Though the journey seems longL. E. Butrum (Author)2
Traveling on my way to glory, singing and telling love's old storyL. E. B. (Author)2
We have many friends and loved onesL. E. Butrum (Author)4
When I see my blessed SaviorL. E. Butrum (Author)2
When the morning breaks eternal fairL. E. Butrum (Author)2
When we go to meet our Savior in the home over the wayL. E. B. (Author)2
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