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A village humble, stillCSPS (further alt.)2
All is done for the glory of God CSPS (Adapter)English1
All may seem vain, but we are forever (Alles ist eitel, Du aber bleibst)CSPS (Eng. tr.)English, German2
Be gentle, be pure (Sei gütig und rein)CSPS (Eng. tr.)English, German2
Brood o'er us with thy sheltering wingCSPS (Sp. tr.)English1
Father-Mother God, All-in-all (Père-Mère Dieu, Tout-en-tout)CSPS (Eng. tr.)English, French2
Fearful heart, put all your cares (Banges Herz, leg deine Sorge)CSPS (Eng. tr.)2
God created us in His own image (Deus criou o homem de Si mesmo)CSPS (Eng. tr.)English, Portuguese2
Elolo nye Mawu elolo nguto (God loves me, for my God is love, divine love)CSPS (Author (verses 2, 3))English, Ewe1
God is here with me (Oro aquí con Dios)CSPS (Eng. tr.)English, Spanish4
I want to know the truth that Jesus taught us (Eu quero a Verdade conhecer)CSPS (Translator)English, Portuguese2
I'm gonna live so God can use meCSPS (harm. and arr.)English1
Know that God is here (Dieu est toujours présent)CSPS (Eng. tr. (Refrain))English, French4
Lift up the door, the mighty gatesCSPS (Eng. tr. (verse 3))English2
May God give us Her blessing (Que Deus nos abençoe)CSPS (Eng. tr.)English, Portuguese2
O du fröhliche, o du seligeCSPS (Eng. tr.)German1
Our Father-Mother, Your will be done (Mayenziwe 'ntando yakho)CSPS (Eng. tr., adapt., and additional verses)English, Xhosa2
Take my life and let it beCSPS (Sp. tr.)English1
The grace of God is always surrounding me (A graça do Senhor sobre mim está)CSPS (Eng. tr.)2
We're steadfastly protected by Your power (Von guten Mächten treu und still umgeben)CSPS (Eng. tr. and adapt.)English, German2
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