Nickolas J. Campbell

Short Name: Nickolas J. Campbell
Full Name: Campbell, Nickolas J. does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Nickolas J. Campbell (43)sort descendingAsInstances
A form revealing GodNick Campbell (Author)2
And so, your people on earth do joinNick Campbell (Author)2
Blessed is your Son Jesus Christ!Nick Cambell (Author)2
Breathe in me, Holy SpiritNickolas Campbell (Author)2
By every thought of my heartNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Come, O my Savior, come awayNickolas Campbell (Adapter)1
Enlighten minds, O GodNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Father, accept my imperfect repentanceNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Forgive me, Lord, all my former sinNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Great shepherd of souls, bring home to your foldNickolas Campbell (Adapter)2
Holy are you, O GodNick Campbell (Author)2
Holy, holy is our LordNick Cambell (Author)2
It is a good and joyful thingNick Campbell (Author)2
It is a right and good, joyful thingNick Cambell (Author)2
It is not enough to know God is goodNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Jesus, oh, so poor and lowlyNickolas J. Campbell (Author)2
Jesus took the bread and blessed itNick Campbell (Author)2
Jesus took the bread and broke itNick Cambell (Author)2
Let us treat all our neighbors with your loveNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Listen to our storyNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Lord, accept my servicesNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Lord, let it be your good pleasureNickolas Campbell (Author)2
May this day be a dayNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Nothing was too dear for you, LordNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Now may we come to Jesus, our SaviorNickolas Campbell (Author)2
O Holy Spirit, now descend. Inspire me, guide, assist todayNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Once sorrowed by tears, our eyes are now bright:Nickolas Campbell (Author)2
Pour into us the spirit, LordNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Pour out your Holy SpiritNick Cambell (Author)3
Pour out your spirit on us hereNick Campbell (Author)2
Sing we with the hosts of heavenNickolas Campbell (Adapter)2
So in remembrance of Christ's mighty acts of loveNick Cambell (Author)2
So in remembrance of JesusNick Campbell (Author)2
Sometimes when I'm praying Nickolas Campbell (Author)2
Spirit of God, assist and guide todayNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Stewards, we seek to do God's willNickolas Campbell (Author)2
The chief of sinners I may beNickolas Campbell (Author)2
The Lord be with youNick Campbell (Author)3
The Lord God now be with youNickolas Campbell (Author)2
'Tis madness they shout (though their findings are sound)Nickolas Campbell (Author)2
To be fully thine, we love Thee, O GodNickolas Campbell (Author)2
Where your love and their need meet, LordNickolas J. Campbell (Author)2
With humble hands now claspedNickolas Campbell (Author)2
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