W. B. Carnes

Short Name: W. B. Carnes
Full Name: Carnes, Wiley B., 1860-1910
Birth Year: 1860
Death Year: 1910

Born: Sep­tem­ber 23, 1860.
Died: 1910, Mc­Kin­ney, Tex­as.
Buried: Pe­can Grove Cem­e­te­ry, Mc­Kin­ney, Tex­as.

Carne grew up in Smith­ville, Ten­nes­see. He en­tered the min­is­try in 1882, and moved to Tex­as in 1888. He served as a Church of Christ min­ister at churche­s in Lan­cas­ter, Wea­ther­ford, Cis­co, Abi­lene, Ter­rell, Cle­burne, Me­lis­sa, and Den­i­son, Texas, and did con­sid­er­a­ble evan­gel­is­tic work.


Texts by W. B. Carnes (16)sort descendingAsInstances
A happy band of childrenW. B. Carnes (Author)2
Cast your bread upon the waters, Sow the seedW. B. Carnes (Author)2
Come to the Savior, he's pleading with you nowW. B. Carnes (Author)2
Hark, I hear a cry ascendingW. B. Carnes (Author)2
Hark, I hear a cry ascending From the blind, the halt and lameW. B. Carnes (Author)2
He careth for the lilies whiteW. B. Carnes (Author)2
I love to sing of the wonderfulW. B. Carnes (Author)2
Jesus, blessed Savior, guide me, Till I reach the golden shoreW. B. Carnes (Author)3
Life is oft beset with sorrowsW. B. Carnes (Author)3
Peaceful be thy slumber everW. B. Carnes (Author)4
Tell again the story of the Lord of gloryW. B. Carnes (Author)2
There is much we can do for the MasterW. B. Carnes (Author)2
We are beams of sunshine brightW. B. Carnes (Author)3
Weary pilgrim, welcome homeW. B. Carnes (Author)2
We're a happy band of childrenW. B. Carnes (Author)5
When the mists of darkness gatherW. B. Carnes (Author)2
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