Mrs. T. J. Carney

Mrs. T. J. Carney
Short Name: Mrs. T. J. Carney
Full Name: Carney, T. J., Mrs. (Julia Abigail Fletcher), 1823-1908
Birth Year: 1823
Death Year: 1908

Carney, Julia Abigail (Fletcher). (Lancaster, Massachusetts, April 6, 1823--November 1, 1908, Galesburg, Illinois). Universalist. Married Rev. T.J. Carney, a Universalist minister. Author of many prose articles and poems, generally published in Universalist periodicals. In later life she lived in Galesburg, Illinois.

Three of her hymns were included in Church Harmonies, New and Old, 1895:
1. Father, we pray for those who dwell
2. Our heaven is everywhere
3. Think gently of the erring

--Henry Wilder Foote, DNAH Archives

Carney, Julia A., née Fletcher, was born in 1823. She was a teacher for some time in one of the Boston Primary Schools, U.S.A., which was held in the vestry of Hollis Street Church, in that city. This Church was demolished in 1846. It was for use in these Primary Schools that her "Little drops of water" (q.v.) was written in 1845.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney, born Julia Fletcher (April 6, 1823, Lancaster, Massachusetts – November 1, 1908, Galesburg, Illinois) was an American educator and poet. She wrote the poem "Little things". Educated at Lancaster Academy, Julia Fletcher achieved fame in 1845 for her poem "Little Things". In 1849 she married Thomas J. Carney, a Universalist minister; four of the couple's nine children died in infancy. Julia Fletcher Carney wrote for Universalist and other periodicals; many of her poems were set to music and published in school text-books or as hymns.

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