Beverly Carradine

Beverly Carradine
Short Name: Beverly Carradine
Full Name: Carradine, Beverly Francis, 1848-1931
Birth Year: 1848
Death Year: 1931

Beverly Francis Carradine (April 4, 1848 - April 22, 1931) was an American Methodist minister, and a leading evangelist for the holiness movement. He was a productive author, writing primarily on the subject of sanctification.

Beverly Francis Carradine was born on April 4, 1848, on Altamont Plantation in Yazoo County, Mississippi. Carradine was the sixth of nine children, and fourth son of Mary Caroline Hewitt Carradine (born June 5, 1819 in Washington, D.C.; died 1881 in Yazoo City, Mississippi) and Henry Francis Carradine (born June 7, 1808 in Yazoo City, Mississippi; died March 8, 1854), a planter.

The Carradine family moved to Yazoo City in 1852.

1n 1865 Carradine, aged 16, enlisted in Wood's Regiment in the Confederate Cavalry in Mississippi, and served until the end of the American Civil War. In May 1865 he was mustered with the 6th Cavalry Regiment Mississippi.

Carradine graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1867. Later he studied pharmacy and worked as a clerk and bookkeeper in a store.

Carradine "prayed through" on July 12, 1874, and then he told his wife, "Laura, I’m not going to go to Hell after all." He was licensed to preach in October 1874 and became a pastor in Mississippi and New Orleans. He was ordained a Methodist elder in 1878. On June 1, 1889, Carradine received the "blessing of sanctification" in his study in the parsonage at 35 Polyminca Street, New Orleans. His third book, Sanctification, was published the next year. Many of his subsequent books were centered on the concept of sanctification. He published at least 26 books.

He also wrote about his opposition to the Louisiana lottery, making an analogy between it and slavery. The New York Times/ reported that his early opposition as a prominent New Orleans pastor helped to end the lottery in that state.

Carradine died on April 22, 1931 in Western Springs, Illinois. Carradine was buried on April 26, 1931 at the Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Although a prolific author, Carradine wrote little about himself and his family, not even in his autobiographical Pastoral Sketches.

Carradine was married twice, and had at least nine children. (excerpts)

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