Elizabeth M. Chandler

Short Name: Elizabeth M. Chandler
Full Name: Chandler, Elizabeth M.
Birth Year: 1807
Death Year: 1834

Wikipedia Biography

Elizabeth Margaret Chandler (December 24, 1807 – November 2, 1834) was an American poet and writer from Pennsylvania and Michigan. She became the first female writer in the United States to make the abolition of slavery her principal theme.

Texts by Elizabeth M. Chandler (12)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Christian mother, when thy prayerChandler (Author)2
Daughters of the pilgrim siresMiss Chandler (Author)4
Father! while daylight diesMiss Chandler (Author)English2
God's blessing on your high career!Elizabeth M. Chandler (Author)English2
Heaven help ye, lorn ones, bendingE. M. Chandler (Author)English3
O Father, when the softened heartElizabeth M. Chandler (Author)English6
Our Father God! behold us raiseMiss Chandler (Author)English2
Praise! for slumbers of the nightElizabeth M. Chandler (Author)English2
That dearest nameMiss Elizabeth M. Chandler (Author)1
Think of our country's gloryMiss Chandler (Author)6
Think of the slave in your hours of gleeElizabeth M. Chandler (Author)2
Thy thunder pealeth o'er usElizabeth M. Chandler (Author)English2

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