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Short Name: Richard R. Chope
Full Name: Chope, R. R. (Richard Robert), 1830-1928
Birth Year: 1830
Death Year: 1928

Chope, Richard Robert, M.A., born Sept. 21, 1830, educated at Exeter College, Oxford, B.A., 1855, and took Holy Orders as Curate of Stapleton, 1856. During his residence at Stapleton the necessities of the Choir led him to plan his Congregational Hymn and Tune Book, published in 1857. In 1858 he took the Curacy of Sherborne, Dorset; in the following year that of Upton Scudamore, where he undertook the training of the Chorus of the Warminster district for the first Choral Festival in Salisbury Cathedral; and in 1861 that of Brompton. The enlarged edition of The Congregational Hymn Book was published 1862, and The Canticles, Psalter, &c, of the Prayer Book, Noted and Pointed, during the same year. In 1865 he was preferred to the parish of St. Augustine's, Queen's Gate, South Kensington, and subsequently published Carols for Use in Church during Christmas and Epiphany, 1875; Carols for Easier and Other Tides, 1887; and other works. Mr. Chope has been one of the leaders in the revival and reform of Church Music as adapted to the Public Services. He was one of the originators of The Choir and Musical Record, and was for some time the proprietor and assistant editor of the Literary Churchman.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Tunes by Richard R. Chope (14)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
CRENIMR. R. Chope (Composer)254321 27512 33255
FABER (Chope)Rev. R. R. Chope (Composer)233455 54334 36554
HERBERT (Chope)Rev. R. R. Chope (Composer)1433333 54322 26554
STARS ALL BRIGHTR. R. Chope (1830- ) (Composer)211176 53551 23222
ST. RICHARDRev. Richard Robert Chope (Composer)211111 23332 12335
SCUDAMORER. R. Chope (Composer)917156 71222 1765
[Sleep, my Savior, sleep]Richard Chope (Composer)133221 44332 32345
ST. ALBAN (Chope)R. R. Chope (Composer)311321 71235 43222
ST. BARTHOLOMEW (Chope)Rev. Richard Robert Chope (1820-) (Composer)451355 43223 57655
ST. BASIL (Chope)R. R. Chope (Composer)216532 43356 71271
ST. CYPRIAN (Chope)Richard R. Chope (Composer)3755671 53162 17554
ST. LAMBERTRev. R. R. Chope (Composer)533244 35545 3
ST. MILDRED (Chope)R. R. Chope (Composer)135432 12751 23325
ST. ODER. R. Chope (Composer)251122 36217 65712
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