Wilbur A. Christy

Short Name: Wilbur A. Christy
Full Name: Christy, Wilbur A.

19th Century

Texts by Wilbur A. Christy (17)sort descendingAsInstances
In that blissful summer landWilbur A. Christy (Author)2
Into my heart shone love divineWilbur A. Christy (Author)2
Jesus blest the little children, When on earth he walkedWilbur A. Christy (Author)2
Jesus loves me, calls meWilbur A. Christy (Author)2
List to the voice that is speaking in loveW. A. C. (Author)13
Look to the shore brotherWilbur A. Christy (Author)4
O what will you say to JesusWilbur A. Christy (Author)2
Oft in sad perplexity we wanderWilbur A. Christy (Author)5
O the way was so drearyW. A. C. (Author)2
Softly he cometh, our KingW. H. C. (Author)3
Teach me, Lord, thy holy willWilbur A. Christy (Author)3
The day is drawing nearerW. A. C. (Author)5
The Lord of love my Shepherd isWilbur A. Christy (Author)6
When the martyred One I seeWilbur A. Christy (Author)4
When the Spirit comes to dwellWilbur A. Christy (Author)2
When we meet 'tis but to severWilbur A. Christy (Author)4
Worthy is the Lamb that on Calvary was slainWilbur A. Christy (Author)2
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