Elizabeth Manford Clark

Short Name: Elizabeth Manford Clark
Full Name: Clark, Elizabeth Manford
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Texts by Elizabeth Manford Clark (20)sort descendingAsInstances
Behold the love, the boundless loveE. M. Clark (Author)2
Children hear the Savior calling let them come to meE. M. C. (Author)2
Guide me, Savior, ever guide meElizabeth Munford Clark (Author)4
Ho, all ye thirsty, come unto meE. M. C. (Author)5
In this vale of tearsE. M. C. (Author)3
Let the children's voicesE. M. C. (Author)2
Life has more of cheerfulnessElizabeth Munford Clark (Author)6
No, not my power, but thine, O LordE. M. C. (Author)4
O garden of sorrowElizabeth Munford Clark (Author)2
O how I love JesusElizabeth Munford Clark (Author)11
O Thou whose all-pervading eyeE. M. C. (Author)3
O who would stay in the haunts of vice of sinE. M. C. (Author)2
Only the cross, in it will I gloryE. M. C. (Author)2
Shout and sing aloudE. M. C. (Author)2
Take no thought for tomorrowElizabeth Munford Clark (Author)2
There is a beautiful home Prepared for us aboveE. M. C. (Author)3
Through all the brightness of life's glad dayElizabeth M. Clark (Author)3
'Tis the Savior's invitationE. M. C. (Author)3
When our pilgrimage is doneElizabeth Munford Clark (Author)2
When the spirit flies awayElizabeth Munford Clark (Author)2
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