William H. Clark

Short Name: William H. Clark
Full Name: Clark, William H., 1854-1925
Birth Year: 1854
Death Year: 1925

Clark, William Henry. (Racine, Wisconsin, April 8, 1854--November 8, 1925, Rome, New York). Free Methodist. In his infancy, his parents returned to their former home in New York State, where his mother soon died, and his father married a close friend of hers, who forecast, after William's conversion in 1873, that one day he would be a bishop. He served the Susquehanna Conference of his denomination as a pastor and district superintendent from 1876 until 1919, when his stepmother's prediction came true. Meanwhile, he had been a member of the joint commission of the Free and Wesleyan Methodist Churches which compiled the Hymnal of 1910, and contributed some items to it. He died in office, requesting no eulogy at his funeral.

--Arlene Clyde, DNAH Archives, rev. Hugh McKellar

Texts by William H. Clark (21)sort descendingAsInstances
All praise to him who reigns aboveW.H. Clark, 19th Century (Author)129
Beloved, sleep, thy conflicts now are pastWilliam H. Clark (Author)4
Beloved sons of GodWilliam H. Clark (Author)1
被殺羔羊,完成救贖,被神高舉天上 (Bèi shā gāoyáng, wánchéng jiùshú, bèi shén gāojǔ tiānshàng)William H. Clark (Author)2
Blessed be the name! Blessed be the name!W. H. Clark (Author)1
From mountain top and dewy valeW. H. Clark (Author)10
Go forward, is the great commandWilliam H. Clark (Author)4
Heart of love, enfolding allWilliam H. Clark (Author)2
How sweet the tidings, mercy's freeWilliam H. Clark (Author)6
I'm helpless, Lord, to thee I flyWilliam H. Clark (Author)7
Jesus is near, so near, so nearWm. H. Clark (Author)7
Let little children come to Me, The blessed Jesus saidWm. H. Clark (Author)2
See where the living waters glideWm. H. Clark (Author)10
Skoent klingar namnet Jesus klartWilliam H. Clark (Author)2
The Master has come and he callethWilliam H. Clark (Author)2
The Master has come and he calleth for theeWm. H. Clark (Author)2
To thy Father's house returningWm. H. Clark (Author)2
'Twas wondrous love, 'twas love divineWm. H. Clark (Author)8
We come, we come, a mighty hostW. H. Clark (Author)2
When we have reached the heavenly plainsWilliam H. Clark (Author)4
Wouldst thou strengthen thy soulW. H. Clark (Author)2
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