Jeremiah Clarke

Short Name: Jeremiah Clarke
Full Name: Clarke, Jeremiah, 1669?-1707
Birth Year (est.): 1669
Death Year: 1707

Wikipedia Biography

Jeremiah Clarke (c. 1674 – 1 December 1707) was an English baroque composer and organist, best known for his Trumpet Voluntary, a popular piece often played at wedding ceremonies or commencement ceremonies.

Texts by Jeremiah Clarke (6)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Here, where the sun shines lovinglyJeremiah Clarke (Author)1
How uneasy are we hereJeremiah Clarke (Author)2
If angels sung a Savior's birthJeremiah Clarke (Author)English1
Rise, God! judge Thou the earth in mightJeremiah Clarke (Author)English1
Thou art the Way, to Thee aloneJeremiah Clarke (Author)English1
Thou Lord of hosts, whose guiding handJeremiah Clarke (Author)English1

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