B. I. Cline

Short Name: B. I. Cline
Full Name: Cline, B. I. (Bulger Ishmael), 1910-2006
Birth Year: 1910
Death Year: 2006

Born: De­cem­ber 8, 1910, Elk­hurst, West Vir­gin­ia.
Died: No­vem­ber 12, 2006, Charles­ton, West Vir­gin­ia.
Buried: Ty­ler Mount­ain Mem­o­ry Gar­dens, Cross Lanes, West Vir­gin­ia.

Cline’s works in­clude:
Camp Meet­ing Songs, 1958


Texts by B. I. Cline (46)sort descendingAsInstances
After our trials here are o'erB. I. Cline (Author)2
As you travel along on your journey todayB. I. C. (Author)2
At the setting of life's sunB. I. Cline (Author)4
Happy praises we'll singB. I. Cline (Author)2
Here we meet with disappointmentsB. I. Cline (Author)2
I am looking for the coming of my SaviorB. I. Cline (Author)2
I am so happy since the Savior came inB. I. Cline (Author)2
I have a joy within my soulB. I. Cline (Author)2
I heard about a country beyond the mystic seaB. I. C. (Author)1
I used to walk in the way of wrongB. I. C. (Author)2
If you are lonely, sad and blue, burdened with careB. I. Cline (Author)2
I'm happy as I travel along this pilgrim wayB. I. C. (Author)2
I'm happy today as I press on to heaven my homeB. I. Cline (Author)2
I'm just atraveling through this pilgrim landB. I. Cline (Author)2
I'm just traveling throughB. I. Cline (Author)2
I'm longing for that home built by Jesus on highB. I. Cline (Author)2
I'm on the grand old highway that leads to glory landB. I. Cline (Author)3
I'm only on a visit, this lifeB. I. Cline (Author)2
I'm praising Jesus each dayB. I. Cline (Author)2
I'm ready, waiting and I'm longingB. I. Cline (Author)2
I'm traveling on the highwayB. I. Cline (Author)2
Jesus came from the fair land of gloryB. I. C. (Author)2
Jesus came to this world to save the lostB. I. Cline (Author)5
Jesus has lifted me from lowlands of sinB. I. Cline (Author)3
Long I had wandered aimlesslyB. I. Cline (Author)2
My soul was astray, I wandered awayB. I. C. (Author)3
Once I was in bondage with a loadB. I. Cline (Author)2
Onward and upward I'm travelingB. I. Cline (Author)2
Since I'm trusting the SaviorB. I. Cline (Author)2
Since Jesus saved my soul, gave meB. I. Cline (Author)3
Sing a song as you travel alongB. I. Cline (Author)2
Some happy morning when my toiling is overB. I. Cline (Author)2
That will be a happy reunionB. I. Cline (Author)2
The Savior left his home in glory, 'TwasB. I. Cline (Author)2
There is a city, I'm told, built of purest of goldB. I. Cline (Author)4
There is a land beyond the river, Prepared for all the saved by graceB. I. Cline (Author)2
There's a beautiful city where we'll never grow oldB. I. Cline (Author)3
They crucified my blessed Jesus, and nailed Him to the cruel treeB. I. C. (Author)3
They tell me of a mansion built for the trueB. I. Cline (Author)3
What a joy in knowing, soon I shall be goingB. I. Cline (Author)3
When I hear the trumpet sounding and the dead shall riseB. I. C. (Author)2
When I was wandering in sin the blessed Savior came inB. I. C. (Author)3
When life on earth is over, and time shall be no moreB. I. Cline (Author)5
When you are burdened, discouraged or sadB. I. C. (Author)2
While pressing along I'm singingB. I. Cline (Author)2
While traveling on my journeyB. I. Cline (Author)2
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