Elizabeth Codner

Elizabeth Codner
Elizabeth Codner
Short Name: Elizabeth Codner
Full Name: Codner, Elizabeth, 1824-1919
Birth Year (est.): 1824
Death Year: 1919

CODNER, Elizabeth (née Harris) was born in Dartmouth, Devon in 1823. Croydon, Surrey, 28 March 1919. She was interested in the mission field from an early age, and two of her early publications were entitled The Missionary Ship (1853) and The Missionary Farewell (1854) relating to the Patagonia Mission (later the South American Missionary Society). She married William Pennefather at the Mildmay Protestant Mission in London, and edited the mission’s monthly Woman’s Work in the Great Harvest Field. At age 17, she was editing a magazine for the Patagonia Mission, later the South American Missionary Society. She died in Croydon, Surrey on 28 March 1919.

NN, Hymnary

Texts by Elizabeth Codner (14)sort descendingAsInstances
Bygger du ditt hus på sandenElizabeth Codner (Author)2
Conozco un ríoElizabeth Codner (Author)2
Gud, jag hoer om rika stroemmarElizabeth Codner (Author)4
Have I long in sin been sleepingElizabeth Codner, 1860, abr. (Author)2
Herr, ich hoer' von gn'd'gen RegenElizabeth Codner (Author)10
Herr, ich hoer' von SegensstroemenElizabeth Codner (Author)3
Herr, ich höre, du willst gebenElizabeth Codner (Author)9
Herre, du hver Toerstig kalderElizabeth Codner (Author)1
Lord, I hear of showers of blessingMrs. E. Codner. (Author)658
Lord, to thee my heart ascendingElizabeth Codner (Author)3
Oram-be mivatravatra arotsahy Tompo oElizabeth H. Codner (Author)2
Pass me not, O God, our FatherElizabeth Codner (Author)2
Pass me not, O gracious FatherMrs. Elizabeth Codner (Author)7
To thy cross, dear Christ, I'm clingingMrs. E. Codner (Author)1
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