John Cole

Short Name: John Cole
Full Name: Cole, John, 1774-1855
Birth Year: 1774
Death Year: 1855

John Cole, author of "Geneva," was born in Tewksbury, Eng., 1774, and came to the United States in his boyhood (1785). Baltimore, Md. became his American home, and he was educated there. Early in life he became a musician and music publisher. At least twleve of his principle song collections from 1800 to 1832 are mentioned by Mr. Hubert P. Main, most of them sacred and containing many of his own tunes.

He continued to compose music till his death, Aug. 17, 1855. Mr. Cole was leader of the regimental band known as "The Independent Blues," which played in the War of 1812, and was present at the "North Point" fight, and other battles.

The story of hymns and tunes; by Theron Brown and Hezekiah Butterworth, New York: The American Track Society, 1906

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