William Walker Combs

Short Name: William Walker Combs
Full Name: Combs, William Walker
Birth Year: 1883
Death Year: 1974

Born: June 1883, Lo­cust Grove, Georg­ia.
Died: Date un­known; the 1940 cen­sus shows him in Dal­las, Tex­as.

Combs’ par­ents were Will­iam Mc­Col­lough Combs & Ma­ry Eliz­a­beth Walk­er Combs. He marr­ied Flo­rence Bow­man in 1909. His works in­clude:

The Voice in Sing­ing: Its Care and De­vel­op­ment, 1938
Modern Mu­sic Read­er (Stamps-Bax­ter Mu­sic and Print­ing Com­pa­ny, 1939)

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Christ is coming in clouds of glory when He comesWilliam Walker Combs (Author)English2
Come, rejoicing, tell of his loveW. W. Combs (Author)2
Daily I'm singing, new songs are ringingW. W. Combs (Author)English2
Ever singing of the love of JesusW. W. C. (Author)English2
Getting my ticket, ready to go to that heavenly land of songW. W. Combs (Author)English2
Glory bound! I am glory boundWilliam Walker Combs (Author)English2
Go, tell to every tribe and nation, wheresoever they beW. W. C. (Author)English2
Happy hours are mine todayW. W. Combs (Author)2
He knows all about the burdensW. W. Combs (Author)2
I am going up yonderW. W. Combs (Author)2
I came to Jesus and I foundW. W. Combs (Author)English2
I love to pray, I love to sing, I love to praise my heavenly KingW. W. Combs (Author)English3
If you have a load of care do not tell it everywhereW. W. C. (Author)English2
In the secret with Jesus, I love to goW. W. C. (Author)English2
I've a Savior who is all to meW. W. Combs (Author)2
Jesus has saved my lost soul from sinW. W. Combs (Author)2
Jesus is waiting for you to chooseW. W. C. (Author)English2
Jesus walks and talks with me, while leading me onW. W. Combs (Author)English2
Jordan is a river we all must crossW. W. Combs (Author)English2
Let us glorify His name, in the good we all may doW. W. Combs (Author)English3
Magnify Him, Jesus the crucified SaviorWilliam Walker Combs (Author)English2
My Lord has saved me, saved me I knowW. W. Combs (Author)English3
Of the love of Jesus I'll keep singingW. W. Combs (Author)English2
On the high-road to glory, singing the gospel storyWilliam Walker Combs (Author)English2
Sing praise to Him who reigns aboveW. W. Combs (Author)English2
Some day, when toil of life is o'erW. W. C. (Author)2
Some day your earthly race will have been runW. W. C. (Author)English2
There is a name, I love that nameW. W. C. (Arranger)English4
There is joy and peace and gladness in my heart todayW. W. Combs (Author)English5
There is one, and one only, who giveth releaseW. W. Combs (Author)2
There's a city up in heaven, where the righteous stayW. W. Combs (Author)English3
There's a grand old highway, built for youW. W. Combs (Author)3
There's a way both straight and narrowWilliam Walker Combs (Author)English2
There's no other way, but JesusW. W. Combs (Author)2
We read in the Bible of miraclesW. W. Combs (Author)2
We'll march along with armor shining brightW. W. C. (Author)English2
When burdens press my soul, I'll trust in TheeW. W. Combs (Author)English2
When notes of joy come from my heartW. W. Combs (Author)English2
When the twilight gathers and you are all aloneW. W. C. (Author)English2
When your heart is troubledW. W. Combs (Author)English1
While I am traveling through this lifeW. W. Combs (Author)2
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