A. Byron Condo

Short Name: A. Byron Condo
Full Name: Condo, A. Byron (Adam Byron), 1854-
Birth Year: 1854
Death Year: 1941

Pseudonym: A. A. Armen, Asa, Alvin, Dr. Arm.
Adam Byron Condo (also known as Asa Allan Armen) was born November 16, 1854 in Washington County, Indiana to John Condo and Catherine Beaver. Sometime in the 1870's, in his youth, he got into trouble. He was advised by an attorney to legally change his name and move away. He moved away and changed his name to Asa Allan Armen without telling his family. He served as a minister in the United Brethren Church. According to the 1880 census he was living in Hillsdale, Michigan and teaching music. He was then hired as a music teacher at Hartman College in Indiana. He met his wife, Lucretia Shuck, there, and they were married in 1884. His wife was hired as a music teacher at the high school in Columbus, Indiana and Asa continued his ministerial duties. He was promoted as presiding elder of the Indiana Conference of the United Brethren Church. Meanwhile, Rev. A. C. Wilmore, who knew both Armen and his brother Samuel Condo, who was minister of the Congregational Church in Marion, Indiana, recognized Armen from photos shown to him by Samuel Condo. Samuel Condo and two other ministers confronted Armen in 1897 and threatened him with consequences if he did not confess his true identity. Armen then resigned his commission, left his wife (assuming she knew why) and fled to Maine to have his name legally changed back to Adam Byron Condo. He then moved to Texas and taught music. His wife later learned what had happened, tracked him down, and they started corresponding and visiting each other; however, her mother was opposed to them reuniting. In 1904 Condo was recommissioned as a minister in the United Brethren Church, working a circuit headquartered in French Lick, Indiana. He was reunited with his wife in 1906 after his mother-in-law passed away. He wrote several hymns and edited "The Welcome Voice" under the name of Asa Armen. Condo died in Hartsville, Indiana in 1941 at the age of 87.

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Texts by A. Byron Condo (98)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A marvelous salvation is providedA. Byron Condo (Author)2
A melody is now within my heartA. Byron Condo (Author)2
As blind Bartimeus sat beside the wayA. Byron Condo (Author)2
As day by day we journeyA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Blessed fellowship, glorious joy divineA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Broder Jonah was called to dutyA. B. C. (Author)English2
Come into the garden of my lifeA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Do you know that you are mortalA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Every foe I'll conquer, every conflict winA. Byron Condo (Author)English3
Fear not, little flock, though your numbers are fewA. Byron Condo (Author)English1
Fight the fight and never falterA. B. Condo (Author)3
Follow after Jesus, childrenA. Byron Condo (Author)2
For the love of God's only SonA. Byron Condo (Author)English1
Freely and final the choice I have madeA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Have you heard of JesusA. Byron Condo (Author)2
He is able to keep you from fallingA. Byron Condo (Author)2
He leadeth me, I need not fear, the way is darkA. Byron Condo (Author)2
He's my myrtle in bestowing love so trueA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Hide me under the shadowA. Byron Condo (Author)2
His love has put on canvasA. Byron Condo (Author)2
How the love of Jesus pardon brings to meA. Byron Condo (Author)2
I am living on the hilltopsA. Byron Condo (Author)2
I am standing on the Rock of agesA. Byron Condo (Author)English2
I am thinking of my motherA. Byron Condo (Author)2
I have read of the palace of beauty untoldA. Byron Condo (Author)3
I look to thee dear LordA. Byron Condo (Author)2
I love to sing for Jesus (Condo)A. Byron Condo (Author)2
I may be poor and needyA. Byron Condo (Author)2
I need Thee, precious Jesus, To cleanse me from my sinA. Byron Condo (Author)English2
I soon shall reach the golden gate, that leadsA. B. Condo (Author)2
I want to walk with JesusA. Byron Condo (Author)1
I will sing sweet songs of JesusA. Byron Condo (Author)2
If with sin you now are grievedA. Byron Condo (Author)2
If you weary grow, he has promised restA. Byron Condo (Author)English2
If your burdens press you downA. Byron Condo (Author)2
In the market places there are multitudesA. Byron Condo (Author)2
In the secret of Thy presence Let me hideA. Byron Condo (Author)English1
In this world of sin and sorrow There are burdens we must bearA. Byron Condo (Author)English1
Jesus the light of the world has comeA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Jesus whispers, Come, to the little onesA. B. C. (Author)English4
Just beyond this land of painful partingA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Lead me, O my Savior, lead me into paths of truth and rightA. Byron Condo (Author)English1
Little children, one and allA. B. C. (Author)English1
Living in others every dayA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Long I wandered in the darkness (Condo)A. Byron Condo (Author)2
Love for one anotherA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Many the years I have traveled on life's wayA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Merrily we sing our songs tonightA. B. C. (Author)English3
My heart has found a resting placeAsa A. Armen (Author)English6
Near the cool, shady bankA. Byron Condo (Author)2
No matter what others may sayA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Not far, not far from the kingdom, yet in the shadow of sin (Armen)A. Byron Condo (Author)English1
O slumberer, awake, And fly from sin's dark nightA. Byron Condo (Author)English1
O how I love the Sabbath schoolA. Byron Condo (Author)English3
Only a few more days of toilA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Open your heart to Jesus, He's calling, "Come home today"A. Byron Condo (Author)English1
Our lamps are gone outA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Out of the darkness and into the light, Out of the fancy into the sightA. Byron Condo (Author)English3
Out on life's highway are many todayA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Prepare ye the way of the Lord (Condo)A. Condo (Author)2
Seeking the lost one now that is strayingA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Singing the gospel o'er all of the landA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Take up thy cross and follow me, If thou wouldst my disciple beA. Byron Condo (Author)English1
The battle with sin is now ragingA. Byron Condo (Author)2
The blind, the lame and halt are foundA. Byron Condo (Author)2
The day when the kingdom I enteredA. Byron Condo (Author)2
The harvest now is bloomingA. Byron Condo (Author)2
The radiant lines of morning sunA. Byron Condo (Author)2
There are many things to doA. Byron Condo (Author)2
There comes a cry from o'er the seaAsa A. Armen (Author)2
There is a heavenly mansionA. Byron Condo (Author)2
There is never a stream that I have to crossA. Byron Condo (Author)2
There is work to be done for the Master aboveA. Byron Condo (Author)English3
There's a promise in God's word for everyoneA. Byron Condo (Author)2
There's many a stranger on life's weary wayA. Byron Condo (Author)1
They are gathering home from the east and westA. Byron Condo (Author)2
They tell me of a mansion, Where angels dwell in lightA. Byron Condo (Author)English2
Though thoughtlessly I've broken the lawA. Byron Condo (Author)English1
Through the years of hope and promiseA. Byron Condo (Author)3
Waiting, yes waiting, my LordA. Byron Condo (Author)2
We are busy little reapersA. Byron Condo (Author)English2
We are juniors, and Jesus is our KingA. Byron Condo (Author)2
We are travelers on the Lord's highwayA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Weary, heavy ladenA. B. C. (Author)2
We're out upon the sea of timeA. Byron Condo (Author)3
What a song of joy on that great eternalA. Byron Condo (Author)2
What a wonderful salvation God has broughtA. Byron Condo (Author)2
When a sinner repents and returnsA. Byron Condo (Author)2
When done with the cares and the sorrowsA. B. Condo (Author)English2
When life's labor and journey are overA. Byron Condo (Author)English2
When my pilgrimage here shall have endedA. Byron Condo (Author)2
When Phillip discovered the ChristA. Byron Condo (Author)2
When the way is rough and myA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Which way do you journey?A. Byron Condo (Author)3
Who takes away my guilt and sinA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Why stay away from JesusA. B. Condo (Author)2
Why, stern of heart, and dull of earA. Byron Condo (Author)2
Yet a little laborA. Byron Condo (Author)2
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