Joseph S. Cook

Short Name: Joseph S. Cook
Full Name: Cook, Joseph S. (Joseph Simpson), 1859-1933
Birth Year: 1859
Death Year: 1933

Birth: December 4, 1859, Durham County, England
Death: May 27, 1933, Toronto, Canada

Joseph Simpson Cook, born in England in 1859, wrote the lyrics of "Gentle Mary Laid Her Child." He was educated at Wesleyan College and McGill University in Montreal Canada. Though he began his career as a Methodist minister, he later transferred to the United Church of Canada.


Cook, Joseph Simpson. (Durham County, England, December 4, 1859--May 27, 1933, Toronto, Canada). Methodist. Wesleyan Theological College (Montreal) certificate, 1885; B.D., 1893; Illinois Wesleyan University, M.A., 1892; S.T.D., 1903. Pastorates in Ontario at Bayfield (1881-1882); Bluevale (1885-1887); Hensall (1888-1890); Ripley (1891-1893); Granton (1894-1896); Walkerville (1896-1898); Wallaceburg (1899-1902); Clinton (1903-1904); Ridgetown (1905-1908); Toronto (1909-1913, 1919-1925); Meaford (1914-1916); and Gravenhurst (1917-1918). He contributed articles and verse to many church-connected magazines. His best-known hymn, "Gentle Mary laid her child Lowly in a manger" won a 1919 contest of the Methodist weekly Christian Guardian.

--Hugh McKellar, DNAH Archives

Texts by Joseph S. Cook (5)sort descendingAsInstances
Bright is the glory, glad is the heartJoseph Simpson Cook (Author)2
Choose I must, and soon must chooseJoseph Cook (Author)4
Gentle Mary laid her childJoseph Simpson Cook (Author)42
Smile for the SaviorJoseph Simpson Cook (Author)2
Tierna María a su bebéJames Simpson Cook, 1859-1933 (Author)2
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