George W. Cooke

Short Name: George W. Cooke
Full Name: Cooke, George W. (George William), 1884-1951
Birth Year: 1884
Death Year: 1951

George William Cooke was born in Yorkshire, England in 1884 and died in Jamestown, New York in 1951. He was the author of "Joy in My Heart" which was copyrighted in 1926 (but not renewed). At that time he was living in Wilmington, Delaware. He was a minister and associated with a group called Gospel Crusaders which was associated with the Methodist Church. He ran the Delmarva Camp, a Methodist camp that held gospel meetings and revivals. He was later minister of Methodist churches in Buffalo and Rochester New York.

Dianne Shapiro from research done by Richard L. Green

Texts by George W. Cooke (29)sort descendingAsInstances
As I journey o'er life's pathwayGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
As I read God's wondrous messageGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
Come home, come home, the Father calls for theeGeorge W. Cooke (Author)2
For they that wait upon the lordG. W. C. (Adapter)2
God has blotted them outG. W. C. (Author)1
God's trumpet is sounding, To arms! is the callGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
How could I live without JesusGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
How happy the home when the Savior is thereGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
I am thinking day by dayGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
I have a wondrous messageGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
I have heard of a wonderful SaviorGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
I hear my blessed Savior say, follow meGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
I never could pass all the crossways of lifeGeorge W. Cooke (Author)2
I never shall forget the dayGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
I view Immanuel's fair landGeorge W. Cooke (Author)2
I would ever walk along the gospel highwayGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
I'll be true, Lord, to TheeG. W. C. (Author)2
In Judea long ago, Jesus came his love to showG. W. C. (Author)5
In this world of sorrow with its sin and woeGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
I have the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heartGeorge W Cooke (Author)7
Many today walk life's pathway aloneGeorge W. Cooke (Author)2
O rejoice and be glad, the Savior has comeGeorge W. Cooke (Author)2
O think of the love of JesusGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
Oft I read God's wonderous messageGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
There will be no painGeorge W. Cooke (Author)2
There's a radiant light, shining clearGeorge W. Cooke (Author)3
There's a Shepherd of Isr'lGeorge W. Cooke (Author)2
They tell us that the Savior, when on this plane belowG. W. C. (Author)5
Whosoever will, blessed gospel callGeo. W. Cooke (Author)2
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