John Core

Short Name: John Core
Full Name: Core, John, 1951-
Birth Year: 1951 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by John Core (49)sort descendingAsInstances
[A Certain Place]John Core (Author)2
[A Dab of Earthly Things]John Core (Author)2
[Christ Chose But Three of Us]John Core (Author)2
[Enter With Music]John Core (Author)2
[Forget the Wonders of the Past]John Core (Author)2
[From Shadowed Canyons of the Soul]John Core (Author)2
[God Drew the Covenant in Trust]John Core (Author)2
[God, Forgive Us]John Core (Author)2
God, let your gathering note be soundedJohn Core (Author)2
[God Said, "Go"]John Core (Author)2
[God Spoke With Various Voices]John Core (Author)2
God, stir your gifts, help fan to firesJohn Core (Author)2
God turned the Spirit loose in windJohn Core (Author)2
[Grace Makes a Way]John Core (Author)2
[High, Clear and Loud]John Core (Author)2
How could they do this constantlyJohn Core (Author)2
[I Can No Longer Celebrate Myself]John Core (Author)2
[I Know What Faith Is Yours]John Core (Author)2
In the midst of dreaming, warningJohn Core (Author)2
Isaiah gave the promiseJohn Core (Author)2
[Island Dwellers, Hear My Story]John Core (Author)2
Jesus the great high priestJohn Core (Author)1
[Journey Round the Edge of Promise]John Core (Author)2
[Light Upon Us, Dove Descending]John Core (Author)2
[Much in Our Minds]John Core (Author)2
[My Heart Leaps Up]John Core (Author)2
[My Soul Lifts Up]John Core (Author)2
[My Tongue is the Disciples' Tongue]John Core (Author)2
[No More Festivals!]John Core (Author)2
[Prophets Trumpet Prophets]John Core (Author)2
Pull down your barns, O landlordJohn Core (Author)2
Reflected in our steel and glassJohn Core (Author)2
[Remember Now the Whole Road]John Core (Author)2
[Scattered From the Hillside]John Core (Author)2
Scribes in long robes, expecting deferenceJohn Core (Author)2
[Shocked and Amazed]John Core (Author)2
[Sowing Seeds Deep]John Core (Author)2
[Spin the Wheel]John Core (Author)2
The mystery now unfoldsJohn Core (Author)2
[The Night of Nights]John Core (Author)2
[The Past Stood Once As Witness]John Core (Author)2
[The Wilderness and Desert Shout]John Core (Author)2
[This House of Yours]John Core (Author)2
["Up!" God Says to Jonah]John Core (Author)2
[We Sing of an Unfailing Love]John Core (Author)2
When a prophet sings of justiceJohn Core, b. 1951 (Author)3
Where mists upon the mountain swirledJohn Core (Author)2
With bitter herbs, with wine and breadJohn Core (Author)2
[Woman, Who Has Let You In]John Core (Author)1
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