Rupert Cravens

Rupert Cravens
Short Name: Rupert Cravens
Full Name: Cravens, Rupert, 1911-1983
Birth Year: 1911
Death Year: 1983

Born: Ju­ly 2, 1911.
Died: De­cem­ber 24, 1983, Law­rence Coun­ty, Ten­nes­see.
Buried: Mi­mo­sa Cem­e­te­ry, Law­rence­burg, Ten­nes­see.
As We Daily Tra­vel On
Be Near Me, Dear Sav­ior, and Guide
Brighter, Bliss­ful Day Is Just Ahead, A
By Faith We Look Be­yond This Vale
Christ Is Com­ing Back from Glo­ry
Cross I’ll Bear for Je­sus, The
Dear Sinner, Your Life Is No More Than a Breeze
Deep in My Heart Is a Calm So Di­vine
Each Day My Heart Is Filled with Praise
Every Day Let Me Live Close to Je­sus
Far Away from God and Home
Far Beyond the Sta­rry Sky Is a Home
Father in Hea­ven So Loved a Lost World, The
From the Broad Way of Sin
Get Ready for the By and By
Great the Debt of Love I Owe
Happy on the Way to Hea­ven’s Glory
He Is Clos­er Than a Bro­ther © 1968
Heaven Smiles upon My Path­way
Hold My Hand O Bless­ed Savior
Homes Are Brok­en, Hearts Are Sad
I Am Go­ing to a City
I Am Kept Each Day in the Ho­ly Way
I Am On My Way to a Bet­ter Home
I Am Saved by the Blood
I Have Found a Heal­ing Fount­ain
I Was Bend­ing with a Hea­vy Bur­den
I’m a Pil­grim in This World
I’m Bound for Hea­ven, That Ci­ty Above
I’m Sing­ing Today
I’m So Glad I Found the Sav­ior
In God’s Gar­den There’s No Room
In the Beau­ty of Ho­li­ness the Lord
In the B­ible We are Told
I’ve Tra­veled Here for Je­sus
Jesus Calls for Hum­ble Ser­vants
Jesus’ Love, Won­drous Love
Jesus, Our Lord, Is Great and Strong
Jesus Su­ffered Cru­el Death
Jesus, Thou art Life to Me
Jesus Walks Be­side Me On Life’s Way
Joy of Hea­ven Is Swell­ing in My Soul, The
Let Me Live Close to Thee © 1968
Lift up Your Eyes and Never Fal­ter
Lift Your Eyes and Look Above
Living for Je­sus I Have
Look away to Hea­ven
Look to the Cross
Love of God, All Love Ex­cel­ling
Love of God Has Changed My Life, The
My View of Hea­ven’s Grow­ing Bright­er
No Strang­er Am I to God’s Mer­cy and Love
O Christian, Be Brave and with Faith Press Along
O I Love to read the Bi­ble Everyday
O Savior Dear to Thee
O Take Cour­age Weary Heart
O What Joy Abides
Often I Am Worn and Wea­ry
Often I Think of That Sweet Home
Often Times My Heart Grows Lone­ly
Often We Read the Bi­ble We Love
Oh, Won­der­ful Morn­ing! © 1967
On the Rest­less Sea of Life
Open to the House of Da­vid
Peace That Pass­eth Un­der­stand­ing
Praise the Lord, All Ye Peo­ple Praise
Savior, Lead Me Lest I Wan­der
Sing a Song of Glo­ry
So Oft I’ve Heard of a City of Light
So Often in Fond­est Dreams I Stroll
Story of the Cross, The © 1968
There Is a City of Beau­ty Untold
There Is a Gar­den Where Oft­en I Meet
There Will Be Joy for All
There Will Come a Day of Glad­ness By and By
There Will Dawn a Hap­py Morn­ing
There’ll Be a Hap­py Time To­mo­rrow
There’s a Crown of Life Await­ing the Faith­ful
There’s a Friend Who’s Dear­er
There’s a Hap­py Home Await­ing Me
There’s a Hap­py Land of Beau­ty
Trusting in the Love of Je­sus
Walking in the Way of Won­der­ful Love
Walking in the Way
We Have Oft­en Been Told of a Ci­ty
We’re a Hap­py Band of Sing­ers
What Joy Be­yond Ex­pres­sion
When My Heart Is Sore, and by Tri­als
When Our Jour­ney of Life Is End­ed
When the Gates of Glo­ry Open
When We Stood in Sin Con­demned
Where Look­est Thou, O Weary
With Faith in the Lord I Hold
With God’s Love My Heart Is Over­flow­ing

Texts by Rupert Cravens (138)sort descendingAsInstances
A brighter, blissful day is just aheadRev. R. C. (Author)2
As we daily travel on to that home where saints have goneRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Be near me, dear Savior, and guideRupert Cravens (Author)2
Beyond the gates of life eternalRev. R. C. (Author)2
Beyond the gates of life so fleetingRev. R. C. (Author)2
By faith we look beyond this valeRupert Cravens (Author)2
Christ is coming back from gloryRupert Cravens (Author)2
Dear sinner your life is no more that a breezeRupert Cravens (Author)2
Deep in my heart is a calm so divineRupert Cravens (Author)2
Each day my heart is filled with praiseRupert Cravens (Author)5
Earthly life will soon be endedRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Every day let me live close to JesusRupert Cravens (Author)2
Far away from God and home in the darknessRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Far beyond the starry sky is a homeRupert Cravens (Author)2
From the broad way of sinRupert Cravens (Author)2
Get ready for the by and byRupert Cravens (Author)4
Great the debt of love I owe to the Christ who loved me soRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Happy on the way to heaven's gloryRupert Cravens (Author)2
Happy saints are singing, glory bells are ringingRev. R. C. (Author)2
Heaven is my home to which I'm going when I dieRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Heaven is the place for all of God's children when they leave this world belowRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Heaven smiles upon my pathway with a beaming, shining lightRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Heaven will be a happy placeRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Hold my hand O blessed SaviorRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Homes are broken, hearts are sadRupert Cravens (Author)2
I am going to a cityRupert Cravens (Author)2
I am kept each day in the holy wayRupert Cravens (Author)2
I am moving day by day to a city over the wayRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
I am on my way to a better homeRupert Cravens (Author)2
I am on my way to heaven, land of lasting joy and blissRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
I am saved by the blood of the Christ crucifiedRupert Cravens (Author)2
I have found a healing fountainRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)3
I have had a bright vision of heaven so fairRupert Cravens (Author)2
I have heard about a city far beyond the starry skyRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
I love to think about that homeRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
I love to walk with Christ, the LordRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
I tread life's road through the heat of the dayRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
I was bending with a heavy burdenRupert Cravens (Author)2
I'm a pilgrim in this worldRupert Cravens (Author)2
I'm bound for heaven, that city aboveRupert Cravens (Author)1
I'm going to my home eternalRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
I'm looking for the morning of life's eternal dayRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
I'm singing today, my sins washed awayRupert Cravens (Author)4
I'm so glad I found the SaviorRupert Cravens (Author)1
In God's garden there's no room for sin to growRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
In the beauty of holiness the LordRupert Cravens (Author)3
In the Bible we are told of a place where none grow oldRupert Cravens (Author)2
Is the Savior preparing a mansion for youRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
I've found a new life so full and sweetRupert Craven (Author)2
I've traveled here for JesusRupert Cravens (Author)3
Jesus calls for humble servantsRupert Cravens (Author)2
Jesus died on lonely CalvaryRev. R. C. (Author)2
Jesus has spoken unto me sweet peace so divineRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Jesus is a mighty Savior through the years that come and goRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Jesus is leading me while daily I travel onRev. R. C. (Author)2
Jesus' love, wondrous loveRupert Cravens (Author)2
Jesus, our Lord, is great and strongRupert Cravens (Author)2
Jesus suffered cruel deathRupert Cravens (Author)2
Jesus, thou art life to meRupert Cravens (Author)1
Jesus walks beside me on life's wayRupert Cravens (Author)2
Lift up your eyes and never falterRupert Cravens (Author)2
Lift your eyes and look above to the courts of wondrous loveRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Living for Jesus I haveRupert Cravens (Author)2
Look away to Christ, look to Him and liveRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Look away to heavenRupert Cravens (Author)2
Look to the cross where the Savior was slainRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Love divine has lifted meRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Love of God, all love excellingRupert Cravens (Author)2
My soul is singing glory, since Jesus set me freeRev. R. C. (Author)2
My view of heaven's growing brighterRupert Cravens (Author)2
New life all divine, in Jesus is mineRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
No stranger am I to God's mercy and loveRupert Cravens (Author)2
O Christian, be brave and with faith press alongRupert Cravens (Author)2
O I love my blessed LordRupert Cravens (Author)2
O I love to read the Bible everydayRupert Cravens (Author)1
O Savior dear to theeRupert Cravens (Author)2
O take courage weary heartRupert Cravens (Author)2
O what joy abides within my newborn soul sinceRupert Cravens (Author)3
Often I am worn and wearyRupert Cravens (Author)2
Often I think of that sweet homeRupert Cravens (Author)2
Often in my dreams I see a City in the skyRev. R. C. (Author)1
Often times my heart grows lonelyRupert Cravens (Author)2
Often we read the Bible we loveRupert Cravens (Author)2
O blessed morning fair beyond this world of careRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
O so often I think of heaven so fairRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
On the restless sea of lifeRupert Cravens (Author)2
Open to the house of DavidRupert Cravens (Author)2
Peace that passeth understandingRupert Cravens (Author)1
Praise the Lord, all ye people praiseRupert Cravens (Author)2
Rapture of heaven, joy of sweet heavenRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Rock of my salvation keep me from harm while on the deepRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Savior, lead me lest I wanderRupert Cravens (Author)2
Since my Redeemer came, setting my heart aflameRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Sing a song of glory, ever tell the gospelRupert Cravens (Author)2
So oft I've heard of a city of lightRupert Cravens (Author)2
So often in fondest dreams I stroll and vision sweet scenes that stir my soulRupert Cravens (Author)2
Sweet heaven our home is waiting aboveRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
The cross I'll bear for JesusRupert Cravens (Author)2
The Father in heaven so loved a lost worldRupert Cravens (Author)2
The joy of heaven is swelling in my soulRupert Cravens (Author)4
The Lord is dearer to my soul than earthly wealth or fameRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
The love of God has changed my life, through Christ I've been redeemedRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
There are songs of love divine, ringing in this soul of mineRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
There is a city of beauty untoldRupert Cravens (Author)2
There is a garden where often I meetRupert Cravens (Author)4
There is no one so dear as JesusRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
There will be a day of rest for the saved, the good and blestRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
There will be joy for allRupert Cravens (Author)2
There will come a day of gladness by and byRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
There will dawn a happy morningRupert Cravens (Author)1
There'll be a happy time tomorrowRupert Cravens (Author)2
There's a city of light where our loved ones are gatheringRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
There's a City of many bright mansionsRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
There's a crown of life awaiting the faithfulRupert Cravens (Author)3
There's a Friend who's dearer than a brother to my soulRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
There's a happy home awaiting meRupert Cravens (Author)2
There's a happy land of beautyRupert Cravens (Author)2
There's a highway, holy highway, to heaven aboveRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
There's a land of fadeless beauty where my soul shall restRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Travel on for the Master and trust His grace divineRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Trusting in the love of JesusRupert Cravens (Author)2
Unto me the Lord hath spokenRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Walking in the way of wonderful loveRupert Cravens (Author)2
Walking in the way that'sRupert Cravens (Author)2
We have often been told of a city of lightRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
Weary sinner, now consider just how far from God you standRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
We're a happy band of singersRupert Cravens (Author)2
What joy beyond expression, in its abiding fullnessRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)3
When I took my load to JesusRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
When my heart is sore, and by trialsRupert Cravens (Author)3
When our journey of life is endedRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
When the gates of glory openRupert Cravens (Author)2
When we gather home to Heaven in the morningRev. Rupert Cravens (Author)2
When we stood in sin condemnedRupert Cravens (Author)2
Where lookest thou, O wearyRupert Cravens (Author)2
With faith in the Lord I holdRupert Cravens (Author)2
With God's love my heart is overflowingRupert Cravens (Author)2
Wondrous love from heaven aboveRupert Cravens (Author)2
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