George W. Crofts

Short Name: George W. Crofts
Full Name: Crofts, George W., 1842-1909
Birth Year: 1842
Death Year: 1909

We have little data on Crofts, except that he was a minister.

Texts by George W. Crofts (43)sort descendingAsInstances
Auf, auf zum Werk! Auf, säume nichtG. W. Crofts (Author)2
Behold on yonder mountainRev. G. W. Crofts (Author)2
Dear Savior, thou didst sayGeorge W. Crofts (Author)3
Don't keep Jesus waiting, waiting evermoreRev. G. W. Crofts (Author)18
Framat, I starke, tappre m'nGeorge W. Crofts (Author)2
Go spread the light and let it shineRev. G. W. Crofts (Author)2
Go, work today, the Lord commandsGeorge W. Crofts (Author)5
Heaven is gathering up our jewelsRev. G. W. Crofts (Author)2
Holy Spirit while we bend Graciously on us descendRev. G. W. Crofts (Author)6
How blest the thought that Jesus knowsGeorge W. Crofts (Author)9
How Jesus loved the little onesGeorge W. Crofts (Author)2
How oft I look with longing eyesGeorge W. Crofts (Author)3
I shall be satisfied at lastRev. G. W. Crofts (Author)5
I'm thinking of the good old daysGeorge W. Crofts (Author)3
Let me be something, dear Savior, I prayGeorge W. Crofts (Author)3
Marching onward, onward to the lightRev. Geo. W. Crofts (Author)2
Move forward, valiant men and strongG.W. Crofts (Author)35
Nearer to Jesus, nearer to JesusRev. Geo. W. Crofts (Author)2
No hour so dear in all the dayGeorge W. Crofts (Author)3
O army of the living God, why standGeorge W. Crofts (Author)4
O come unto me, said the SaviorGeorge W. Crofts (Author)2
"O Lord be merciful to me"George W. Crofts (Author)2
O to be something, dear Savior, I prayRev. Geo. W. Crofts (Author)7
Once more we've met in Jesus nameGeorge W. Crofts (Author)2
Only a little longer of the battleGeorge W. Crofts (Author)2
Our loving hearts, O Savior, dearGeorge W. Crofts (Author)2
See the banners of all nationsGeo. W. Crofts (Author)2
The Bible, how dear are its pagesGeorge W. Crofts (Author)2
The gospel comes like cloudless mornGeorge W. Crofts (Author)2
The morning is dawning, beholdGeorge W. Crofts (Author)7
The precious Savior's by my sideRev. G. W. Crofts (Author)2
The shouting of the reapersGeorge W. Crofts (Author)3
There is a book of life aboveRev. G. W. Crofts (Author)3
This world is full of careRev. G. W. Crofts (Author)4
Voran, ihr Christen, stark und kühnG. W. Crofts (Author)2
We are waiting for the SaviorRev. G. W. Crofts (Author)5
We will lift on high our bannerRev. G. W. Crofts (Author)3
What a wonderful Savior is Jesus, all our sinsGeorge W. Crofts (Author)7
What is the cross, the crimson crossGeo. W. Crofts (Author)3
Whatsoever we may askRev. G. W. Crofts (Author)2
When I shall awake in that fair morn of mornsGeorge W. Crofts (Author)3
Whereas I once was blindGeorge W. Crofts (Author)3
Wondrous life that came from heavenGeorge W. Crofts (Author)2
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