Frank Leroy Cross

Short Name: Frank Leroy Cross
Full Name: Cross, Frank Leroy, 1904-
Birth Year: 1904
Death Year (est.): 2004

Cross, Frank LeRoy. (Oklahoma, 1904- ). Evangelical United Brethren. Graduated from United Theological Seminary, Dayton. Pastor in Oklahoma, editor of Lorenz Publishing Co., Dayton. Winner of the Hymn Society of America contest for hymns based on the Bible, with "Go forth, strong word of God," issued at the time of the introduction of the Revised Standard Version. Has written other hymns for various denominations.

--Ellen Jane Lorenz, DNAH Archives

Frank Cross is a member of the faculty of Bonebrake Theological Seminary, an institution of the Evangelical United Brethren Church. He is a graduate of Oklahoma City University and had theological training at Bonebrake Seminary. He was the pastor of the First United Brethren Church in Oklahoma City from 1934 to 1946. He has written a number of hymns for the services of his own congregation, and some of these have been used elsewhere. This Bible hymn is the first to be published.

--Ten New Hymns on the Bible, 1952. Used by permission.

Texts by Frank Leroy Cross (16)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A little lamb has wanderedFrank Leroy Cross (Author)2
Blest is the home where Jesus livesFrank Leroy Cross (Author)2
For God and country we shall liveFrank Leroy Cross (Author)2
Go forth, strong word of God;Frank Leroy Cross (Author)English6
God created earth in darknessFrank Leroy Cross (Author)2
God made the earth and all thingsFrank Leroy Cross (Author)2
Good news, good news is ringingFrank Leroy Cross (Author)2
I took my lunch down by the seaFrank Leroy Cross (Author)2
Lions won't hurt DanielFrank Leroy Cross (Author)2
Noah heard the day was comingFrank Leroy Cross (Author)2
O God, thy hand the heavens madeFrank Leroy Cross (Author)Latin6
Step by step, step by step, with my MasterFrank L. Cross (Author)1
The church of God is dearFrank Leroy Cross (Author)2
To thee whose rolling fields declareFrank Leroy Cross (Author)4
We thank thee, Lord, for birthdaysFrank Leroy Cross (Author)2
What shall I ask of God todayFrank Leroy Cross (Author)2
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