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James G. Deck

James G. Deck
Short Name: James G. Deck
Full Name: Deck, James G. (James George), 1802-1884
Birth Year: 1802
Death Year: 1884

Deck, James George, eldest son of John Deck, of Bury St. Edmunds, was born in 1802 and educated for the army, and became an officer in the Indian service. Retiring from the army, and having joined the Plymouth Brethren, he undertook, in 1843, the charge of a congregation of that body, at Wellington, Somerset. In 1852 be went abroad and settled in New Zealand. His hymns were published in Hymns for the Poor of the Flock, 1837-1838; Psalms and Hymns, &c, London, Walther (containing those in the former collection), 1842; the Wellington Hymn Book, 1857; Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1860. Of his hymns now in use outside his own denomination, the greater part appeared in the 1837-1838 book, and are found in his brother-in-law's (Dr. Walker's) Cheltenham Psalms & Hymns, 1855. His compositions are marked by directness of aim, simplicity of language, and great earnestness. The rhythm is good, and an expressive tenderness pervades many of them. Although dealing mainly with the "Second Advent," there are several on other subjects which are of more than average merit. In a collected form they were published in his Hymns and Sacred Poems, Melbourne, H. Seelenmeyer, 1876. The more important of his hymns are annotated under their respective first lines. Of the rest we have:—

i. From Hymns for the Poor of the Flock, 1838.

1. Behold yon bright and countless throng. All Saints. Repeated in Maurice's Choral Hymnbook, 1861.
2. How long, O Lord our Saviour. Second Advent desired. In the Parish Hymnbook., 1803 and 1875, this is altered to "How long, O Lord, Beloved."
3. Jesus, spotless Lamb of God. Good Friday.
4. Lord Jesus, are we [we are] one with Thee? One with Christ. In Walker's Psalms and Hymns, 1855-1880, and several American hymn-books.
5. Lord, we are Thine, our God Thou art. One with Christ. Originally in 4 st. of 8 1., it appeared, in a re-written form in 3 st. in Walker's Psalms and Hymns, 1855, as " Lord, we are Thine, in Thee we live."
6. 0 happy day when first we felt. The Day of Peace.
7. 0 Jesus Christ, the Saviour. Jesus All in All. In Walker's Psalms and Hymns, it begins: "0 Jesus Christ, our Saviour."
8. 0 Jesus, gracious Saviour." The Advocate.
9. 0 Lord, when we the path retrace. Christ our Example.
10. 0 Lord, who now art seated. Christ in glory.
11. Saviour, haste; our souls are waiting. Second Advent desired. This is given in Walker's Psalms and Hymns, in a rewritten form as "Saviour, hasten Thine appearing."
12. Soon shall our Master come. Waiting for Christ.
13. There is a place of endless joy. Heaven.
14. We're not of the world that fadeth away. Christ's Sheep.
15. When along life's thorny road. Passiontide.

ii. From Appendix, to the 1841 edition of the Hymns for the Poor of the Flock.

16. Lamb of God, our souls adore Thee. Praise to Christ. Sometimes it begins with st. ii.," Lamb of God, Thy Father's bosom."
17. Lamb of God, Thou now art seated. 2nd Part. of No. 10.

iii. From Psalms and Hymns, in Two Parts, Lond., D. Waither, 1842.

18. Again we meet in Jesus' name. Divine Worship.
19. Great Captain of Salvation. Burial. In the Irish Church Hymnal, and other collections.
20. Jesus, Thy name indeed is sweet. Hope of the Resurrection.
21. O blessed Jesus, Lamb of God. Praise to Jesus.
22. 0 Lamb of God, still keep me [us]. Christ's Presence desired. This hymn is somewhat popular in America.
23. 0 Lord, in nothing would I boast. Christ All in All.
24. Oft we, alas! forget the love. Holy Communion.
25. The veil is rent! lo, Jesus stands [our souls draw near]. The Intercessor.
26. We bless our Saviour's name. Thanksgiving for Forgiveness.

iv. From Psalms and Hymns for Public and Social Worship (Dr. Walker's Collection), 1855.

27. Father, to seek Thy face. Public Worship.
28. Jesus, [I] we rest in [on] Thee. Joy in Forgiveness.
29. 0 Lord, 'tis joy to look above. Joy in the service of Christ.
30. Thou hast stood here, Lord Jesus. Burial.
31. 'Twas Thy love, 0 God, that knew us. Praise to God.
32. When first o'erwhelm ed with sin and shame. Peace with God.

All these hymns, except No. 1, are given in Dr. Walker's Collection, 1855-1880, and most of them are also found in other collections.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Deck, James George, p. 285, ii. He died circa 1884. His hymn, noted on p. 286, No. 28, "Jesus [I] we rest in [on] Thee," should be dated 1842. Additional hymns in common use are:—(1) "Lord Jesus, when I think of Thee," 1856 (Jesus, All and in All); (2) "The day of glory, bearing," 1838 (Passiontide).

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Deck, J. G., pp. 285, ii.; 1559, ii. Miss M. O. Deck, of Motueka, Nelson, New Zealand, informs us that her father, Mr. J. G. Deck, died at the village of Motueka, near Nelson, N.Z., on the 14th of August, 1884.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Texts by James G. Deck (70)sort descendingAsInstances
“阿爸,父阿,”我們現在因主到你面前來;(“Ā bà, fù a,” wǒmen xiànzài yīn zhǔ dào nǐ miànqián lái;)James G. Deck (Author)2
父阿,久在創世之前,你選我們愛無限;(Fù a, jiǔ zài chuàngshì zhīqián, nǐ xuǎn wǒmen ài wúxiàn;)James G. Deck (Author)2
主耶穌,當我們想到你的一切恩愛 (Zhǔ yēsū, dāng wǒmen xiǎngdào nǐ de yīqiè ēn'ài)James G. Deck (Author)2
幔子裂開!看哪,耶穌站立施恩座前!(Mànzi liè kāi! Kàn nǎ, yēsū zhànlì shī ēn zuò qián)James G. Deck (Author)2
此時何時!孤單之時!四圍都是黑暗!(Cǐ shí héshí! Gūdān zhī shí! Sìwéi dōu shì hēi'àn!)James G. Deck (Author)2
主耶穌,我們聚集在你墓的四圍 (Zhǔ yēsū, wǒmen jùjí zài nǐ mù de sìwéi)James G. Deck (Author)2
لا إسم قد حلاJames G. Deck (Author)1
“一點時候”主就回來,我們就要不再流落 (Yī “yīdiǎn shíhòu” zhǔ jiù huílái, wǒmen jiù yào bù zài liúluò)James G. Deck (Author)2
哦,主,我們今想到你在世 所歷路程﹕(Ó, zhǔ, wǒmen jīn xiǎngdào nǐ zàishì suǒ lì lùchéng﹕)James G. Deck (Author)2
耶穌!我愛這名,耶穌我主!(Yēsū! Wǒ ài zhè míng, yēsū wǒ zhǔ!)James G. Deck (Author)2
神的兒子,親愛救主,(Shén de érzi, qīn'ài jiù zhǔ,)James G. Deck (Author)2
A little while, our Lord shall comeJames G. Deck (Author)8
Abba, Father, we approach TheeJames G. Deck (Author)11
Abba, Vater! Dir wir nahen in dem Namen unsers HerrnJames Georg Deck, 1807-1884 (Author)2
Around thy grave, Lord JesusJames G. Deck (Author)26
Behold the Christ, a man in glory nowJames G. Deck (Author)3
Called from above, a heavenly race by birthJames G. Deck (Author)3
Father, to seek thy faceJames George Deck (1802-1884) (Author)3
Gottes Sohn! - Anbetend schauenJames Georg Deck, 1807-1884 (Author)2
Great Captain of salvationJames G. Deck (Author)1
Holy Saviour! we adore TheeJames G. Deck (Author)3
How long, O gracious masterJames G. Deck (Author)2
How long, O Lord our SaviorJames G. Deck (Author)45
In hope we lift our wishful longing eyesJames G. Deck (Author)3
It is thy hand, my GodRev. James G. Deck (Author)12
Jesus, I rest in theeJames G. Deck (Author)5
Jesus, my Savior, thou art mineJames G. Deck (Author)4
Jesus, spotless Lamb of GodJames G. Deck (Author)8
Jesus, thy love unboundedJ. G. Deck (Author)2
Jesus, thy name I loveJames G. Deck (Author)151
Jesus, we rest in theeJames G. Deck (Author)6
Lamb of God, our souls adore theeJ. G. Deck (Author)8
Lamb of God, thou now art seatedJ. G. Deck (Author)5
Lord Jesus, are we one with thee? O height! O depth of love!James G. Deck (Author)64
Lord Jesus, we remember the travailJames G. Deck (Author)3
Lord Jesus, when I think of thee, Of all thy love and graceJames G. Deck (Author)6
Lord, we rejoice that thou art goneJames G. Deck (Author)2
Lord, we would ne'er forget thy loveJames G. Deck (Author)2
Lord, we would ne'er forget thy painJames G. Deck (Author)3
Master, we would no longer beJames G. Deck (Author)3
My God, thy name is LoveJames G. Deck (Author)2
O blessed Jesus, Lamb of GodJames G. Deck (Author)9
O cross of Christ! O glorious treeJames G. Deck (Author)3
O God, thy name is loveJames George Deck (Author)8
O happy day when first we feltJames G. Deck (Author)7
O Jesus, gracious SaviorJ. G. Deck (Author)4
O Jesus, Lord, 'tis joy to knowJames G. Deck (Author)4
O Lamb of God, still keep meJames G. Deck (Author)143
O Lord, 'tis joy to look aboveJames G. Deck (Author)2
O Lord, when we the path retraceJames G. Deck (Author)28
O Lord, who now art seatedJames G. Deck (Author)6
O solemn hour, O hour aloneJames G. Deck (Author)4
Oft we, alas, forget the loveJames G. Deck (Author)4
On Calvary, we've adoring stoodJames G. Deck (Author)2
¡Rasgóse el velo!James G. Deck (Author)2
Savior, haste, our souls are waitingJames G. Deck (Author)10
Savior, hasten Thine appearingJames G. Deck (Author)8
Senhor, é admirável o teu divino amorJames George Deck, 1802-1884 (Author)2
The day of glory bearingJames G. Deck (Author)2
The veil is rent lo Jesus standsJames G. Deck (Author)10
The veil is rent our souls draw nearJames G. Deck (Author)6
This do, remember me, O blessed, living LordJames G. Deck (Author)3
Thou, blessed Son of GodJames G. Deck (Author)4
Thou hast stood here, Lord JesusJames G. Deck (Author)3
Thou Son of God, the woman's SeedJames G. Deck (Author)3
'Twas on that night of deepest woeJames G. Deck (Author)2
We bless our Savior's nameJames G. Deck (Author)5
When along life's thorny roadJames G. Deck (Author)28
When first, o'erwhelmed with sin and shameJames G. Deck (Author)17
哦,主耶穌,我心喜樂, (Ó, zhǔ yēsū, wǒ xīn xǐlè,)James G. Deck (Author)2

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