Lucien Deiss

Lucien Deiss
Short Name: Lucien Deiss
Full Name: Deiss, Lucien, 1921-2007
Birth Year: 1921
Death Year: 2007

Born: 1921, Par­is, France.
Died: Oc­to­ber 9, 2007, Île-de-France, France.
Buried: Seminaire des Mis­sions, Che­vil­ly-La­rue, Île-de-France, France.

A mem­ber of the Ho­ly Spir­it Fa­thers, Deiss at­tende­d the Gre­gor­i­an Un­i­ver­si­ty in Rome and taught the­ol­o­gy at the Grand Scho­las­ti­cat of Che­ville in Paris, France. His works in­clude:

Early Sources of the Li­tur­gy, 1967
It’s the Lord’s Sup­per/, 1976
Spring Time of the Li­tur­gy, 1979

Brink & Polman, P. 313


Fr. Deiss was pastor, liturgist, author, international lecturer, renowned Scripture scholar, and an expert on liturgical music. He was selected by Pope Paul VI to coordinate the Lectionary psalter following the Second Vatican Council. His Biblical Hymns and Psalms was the one of the first major collections of liturgical music in the vernacular, and gave us such songs as "All the Earth," "Keep in Mind," and "Grant to Us, O Lord." A tireless advocate of the reforms of Vatican II, Fr. Deiss continually encouraged those who worked in liturgical reform to remain fervent in prayer, and he dedicated much of his life to liturgical catechesis through workshops and writings.

Texts by Lucien Deiss (57)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A ti, Señor, elevo mi almaLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Alabar, siervos de DiosLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
[All Honor to You]Lucien Deiss (Author)English2
[All Praise, Glory and Wisdom]Lucien Deiss (Author)English2
[Awake and Live]Lucien Deiss (Author)English2
Behold, the days are coming (He aquí que vienen días) Lucien Deiss, CSSp, 1921-2007 (Author)English, Spanish5
Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Deiss)Lucien Deiss (Author)English2
Blessed those who fear the LordLucien Deiss, 1921-2007 (Author)English2
Called to proclaim the good news of Christ to the poorLucien Deiss, C S Sp, b. 1921 (Author)English2
PrayersLucien Deiss (Author)English4
Cristo, manifestado en la carneLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Dios reina, el pueblo grita de alegríaLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
El que teme al Señor será felizLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
El Señor ha resucitado de entre los muertosLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Gloria al Padre, gloria al HijoLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
¡Gloria, honor a ti, Señor Jesús!Lucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Glory and praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ! Christ, shown forth in the Body (Deiss)Lucien Deiss, 1921-2007 (Author)English5
Glory and praise to you, Lord Jesus ChristLucien Deiss, 1921-2007 (Author)English, Spanish1
Grandes, maravillosas son tus obrasLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Great is the mystery we profess!Lucien Deiss (Paraphraser)English3
He aquí que vienen díasLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
If we die with the LordLucien Deiss, 1921-2007 (Author)English16
[If You Bring Your Gift]Lucien Deiss (Author)English2
Joyfully shout, all you on earthLucien Deiss, 1921 (Paraphraser)English4
Keep in mind that Jesus ChristLucien Deiss (Versifier)English2
Llamados a guardarLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Lord, you know that my heart is not proudLucien Deiss (Author)English5
Álzate y resplandece porque viene tu luzLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Mi corazón está dispuestoLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
My heart is ready now to praise you, O LordLucien Deiss (Author)3
O God, you are my God, and my hopeLucien Deiss (Author)3
O Lord Jesus ChristLucien Deiss (Author)2
O sacred Pasch of which we joyfully singLucien Deiss, 1921-2007 (Author)English2
Oh, Dios, tu eres mi Dios, yo te buscoLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Oh Señor, Pastor de la casa de IsraelLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
¡Oh Señor, que mi alma te bendiga!Lucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
¡Pascua Sagrada! ¡Oh fiesta de la luz!Lucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
People called by God through the word of theLucien Deiss (Author)2
Pueblo convocado por el verbo de DiosLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Santa María, Santa Madre de DiosLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Serve you the LordLucien Deiss, CSSp, 1921-2007 (Author)English13
Si con él morimosLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Sirvan a DiosLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Tú conoces, Señor, mi corazónLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Te cantamos, oh Hijo amado del PadreLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
Te damos gracias, Tú nos has dadoLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
The Spirit of God sends me forthLucien Deiss, 1921-2007 (Author)English2
Through your own word, Lord, give us lifeLucien Deiss (Author)3
To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul, In you, O my GodLucien Deiss, CSSp, 1921-2007 (Author)6
Voici venir des joursLucien Deiss (Author)English, French2
We sing to you, O Christ beloved SonLucien Deiss, 1921-2007 (Author)English2
We were called to be one in the Spirit of GodLucien Deiss, 1921-2007 (Author)English4
Where Two or Three Are Gathered (Deiss)Lucien Deiss (Author)English2
[With a Joyful Heart]Lucien Deiss (Author)English2
Wonderful and great are your worksLucien Deiss (Author)2
Wonderful and great are your works, O Lord, God AlmightyLucien Deiss (Author)English3
Yo soy la raíz y el Hijo de DavidLucien Deiss (Author)Spanish2
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