J. E. Delmarter

Short Name: J. E. Delmarter
Full Name: Delmarter, J. E. (James Ellsworth), 1864-1948
Birth Year: 1864
Death Year: 1948

James Ellsworth Delmarter (1864 - 1948) Son of James, son of Cornelius, son of Moses, son of Cornelius, son of Isaac, son of Jacobus, son of Claude, born in Varick, NY and died in Fresno, CA. He taught music at the Moody Bible Institute. He walked across the city to go there on Sundays as he refused to use public transportation on Sundays. He wrote at least two books on how to teach music and published them with his own publishing company (Delmarter Publishing Co.), in 1909.


Tunes by J. E. Delmarter (13)sort descendingAsInstances
[Be a light for Jesus, witness for your King]James E. Delmarter (Composer)2
[Blessed homeland, for which my heart doth long]J. E. Delmarter (Composer)2
[Coming to you, ever coming to you]J. E. Delmarter (Composer)2
[For what the Savior did for me]James Ellsworth Delmarter (Composer)7
[I have heard the still small voice]J. E. Delmarter (Composer)4
[Looking to Jesus day after day]J. E. Delmarter (Composer)2
[My blinded soul was far astray]J. E. Delmarter (Composer)2
[O sinner, come list to the voice]J. E. Delmarter (Composer)2
[Rejoice, the Lord is King] (Delmarter)J. E. Delmarter (Composer)2
[Saved, but not serving, my brother]J. E. Delmarter (Composer)2
[Somewhere today is a heart that is true]J. E. Delmarter (Composer)2
[Trust the Savior with your sorrow]J. E. Delmarter (Composer)2
[Wandering far from the Father’s home]J. E. Delmarter (Composer)2
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