Eleanor C. Donnelly

Short Name: Eleanor C. Donnelly
Full Name: Donnelly, Eleanor C., 1838-1917
Birth Year: 1838
Death Year: 1917

Donnelly, Eleanor C. (September 6, 1838--April 30, 1917). Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and died in West Chester, Penn. Her prolific writings were largely of a religious and devotional character. Her poems, the best of which, a hymn to the Blessed Virgin, was written at the age of nine, have been collected and edited by D. I. McDermott. Many of her hymns in common use appeared to music in Hymns of the Sacred Heart, 1912, published by the Society of the Divine Word. Those in common use from this collection are:

Sacred Heart in accents burning
Hear the heart of Jesus pleading
Heart of Jesus dearest treasure
Like a strong and raging fire
Peace be still

Another, "Dearest of all mothers," appears in the St. Rose Hymnal.

--J. Vincent Higginson, DNAH Archives

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Hear the heart of Jesus pleadingEleanor C. Donnelly (Author)9
Like a strong and raging fireEleanor C. Donnelly (Author)7
Mary, dearest of all mothersEleanor C. Donnelly (Author)2
Peace, be still, our God is dwellingEleanor C. Donnelly (Author)7
Sacred heart in accents burningEleanor C. Donnelly (Author)10
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